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The Megaloth Empire

Bjowmark overheard this conversation. The lighthouse keeper scoffed. “So what if he be king of some rock in the ocean? We be having larger, closer neighbors to worry about. I expect Discoria to invade within the year. Then Megaloth be pushing Ironia back. Bysea be trampled under the feet of Empires that be wanting all the world to be subject to them.”


The head of the empire literally lives on the highest point of the empire. At the pass between the two halves of the long, long continent, the tallest moountain had been carved into a tower city. The emperor's family lives on the top floors so they can "watch " over their domain. Because of the altitude, the royals and nobles tend to have enlarged chests. The position of emperor is either hereditary to the chosen son, or taken by overthrow by a relative. The royalty and nobility of the empire had been genetically altered to have opaque, chalk white skin. Anybody born with a tinge of pink or tan is considered a reversion and sent "down" the mountain for adoption. The other normhumans have a normal range of skin colors. Within the borders of the Empire live aliens: tesledek, majismontem, garloon, driddion, sidj; and the modified humans: littlefolks, mountainfolks, sunbelters, Hahn, and a scattering of others. The majismontems, garloons, littlefolks, driddions, and sidj have their own territories within the borders, but the empire generally leaves them alone as long as they allow trade through the territories or are noneradicable, such as the majismontems and sidj. The empire is all about trade. They take it so seriously, that theft by the lower classes is punishable by death or return of the stolen item's worth four times over. Theft by nobility is covered over by families and the offender is sent to a job in another coutry to represent their interests. Like all the other nations of Talifar, the tezledeks are bothered as they are crucial to sanitation.

Public Agenda

Trade will be safe


The empire is massively wealthy and has a large standing army as well as guards that patrol the streets of all the major trade routes. A short time after Bowmark passed through, the empire is conscripting people for the Frontier war. The capitol alone has a million people and the rest of the empire has close to two million. Instead of horses, the empire has millions of goatishes and mulans. Horses do not thrive on Talifar, so only a very few soldiers have them. There are also thousands of camels. Since the emperor does not have a castle per se, rich people outside the capital build large houses, but nothing that could be construed as a castle that could oppose the empire.


After the wardens settled the war between the majismontems (thereby preventing the extinction of humans) they persuaded a contigent of humans to migrate into a majismontem terrirory and build a shared city. This became Megaloth City. The city had a never-ending need for food, and so the city spread into farmlands and ports and mines. All these were connected by roads and canals. Once the empire began expanding, it continued to expand untl it reached areas it would be more profitable to trade than to fight and annex.



The First Empire

211 A.C. - None

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Empire, Megaloth, Mega
Megalothi, singular Megalothans, plural
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