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“They are a proud people, quick to perceive insult, and unwilling to hear if another nation has grandeur. It is always safe to admire any facet of Ironia. Among the things that cause offense: pointing to any person, touching one’s nose while talking to someone, sniffing behind someone, appearing stingy. The docks of Discoria, the capital, are uncommonly safe and theft-free. This is not true once one has left the docks.”


Technically a monarchy, the government is actually run by the ever-shifting powers of Discoria City Council, the State Lords Union, and the five -but sometimes up to seven- Nobel Houses of Discoria. Due to a vestigial legacy, kingship is not hereditary, but based on which of the Nobel Lords owns all six of the Ground Jewels of Old Terla.

Public Agenda

Ironians intend to stay free of the Megaloth Empire even though most of their trade is with or through the empire. Although trade is important to them, they are not near as draconian in their anti-theft laws as the Megaloth Empire is. They also have a lot of trade with the shore nations.


Ironia is rich in natural resources including iron, silver, gold, copper, lumber and fish. They have several several shipping companies that pay tariffs and well as a defensive navy. All their bays are well defended because of historical memory of raiding parties and one attempt by The Megaloth Empire to annex the nation. They send many spies to Megaloth City to learn their methods of fine cloth making so they can add that to their industrialism. Their level of technology is about as high as one can go without electricity or gunpowder. While they do not have a standing army, they do have many guards that could be impressed into the army quickly. Also they have a large population of four million. The only food they import are luxuries as they have less land mass than the empire but possess more arable land. Since most of the transportation is by coastal sailing, the nation has several construction shipyards.


Settled by humans around 300 A.C.   Discoria founded in 341 A.C.   Various states across the island unified in 1940 A.C. with Discoria as capitol

Demography and Population

There are approximately half a million humans living in Ironia, and about 100,000 of them live in the capitol city of Discoria. The rest are spread around the island, clustered in townships and dependent states.

Foreign Relations

Over the centuries The Megaloth Empire has attempted to take territory or subsume the whole island many times. Ironia is proud of their defiance and take their continued success at independence as a sign of their superiority. They do regular trade with Megaloth and other overseas parnters.   From time to time an ambitious king will convince the councils and unions that they should concur the eastern seaboard of North Akinda. While these states are semi-autonomous, they still technically belong to The Megaloth Empire and such military adventures have never succeeded.

The Defiant Island

Overhead view of the capitol of Discoria
"The Pile" castle is the iconic seat of power
Dissolution Date
Geopolitical, Country
Ironians. The few rumshas, garloons, and ungols that live their consider themselves apart from the Ironians and therefore do no participate in the politics.
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Ironia stamps its own coins, but due to their close proximity to The Megaloth Empire most people trade in Megalothi coin as well.
Legislative Body
The State Lords Union, and the five -but sometimes up to seven- Nobel Houses of Discoria work in conjunction with the King to write and amend laws.
Judicial Body
The King acts as ultimate judge of the land, though most matters are handled on a local level.
Neighboring Nations
12-sided dice are a popular game

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