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The War for Seaglow

Everything exploded within a few days. The republic tried to keep the crystal's apparition hidden for as long as they could, but it did not last long enough. Within the next day, the Ivering Empire was already there, and the conflict started.
  Around two hundred years ago, a massive, black crystal appeared on the Seaglow Island. After a few hours of investigation, the archmages of the republic found out that it held secrets about the way magic interacts with the world. The news spread faster than anyone expected, and within days afterward, what would become Humanity's longest war began.  


For centuries before the war began, most of Humanity was split between two continents and seven factions. The Ivering empire occupied the northern lands of Cezica, and five small kingdoms were spread on the continent of Aiqura.   The war began with an attack of the Empire on the Yemid republic's island, Seaglow, where the magic crystal appeared. Shortly afterward, Yemid sent messengers to the rest of Aiqura's countries to unite against the Empire and avoid having the crystal fall into their hands. From their alliance is born the Seaglow Coalition.  

The first years of conflict

The war began nearly immediately after the apparition of the crystal. In the first few weeks, the Yemid republic focused on defending the island from the Empire while the negotiations with the other kingdoms happened.   During that time, the Seaglow Coalition was slowly taking form. The kingdom of Maqenid sent its ships to support the republic, and the other nations started to send troops and supplies to the front.   The Empire managed to push its way to the island and establish its first base while the Coalition was assembling. A few weeks of battles followed, during which the area around the crystal became a no man's land of ruins, blood, and corpses. The Seaglow island was slowly separated into two parts, one belonging to the Coalition, and the other to the Empire.   As the fights went on, no side managed to make definitive progress. The war turned into a cold one in the decades that followed its start. Nowadays, the hostilities are halted. Both armies stand ready to fight in their own territory as no solution, peaceful or not, seem to be conceivable.
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Second report to the great council.   After an extra hour of analysis, we can now affirm that the crystal contains some kind of information about second, if not third layered magic. Given enough time, we might be able to somehow form a "link" with the stone and learn more, but this would require way more than just a few days.   We estimate the length of the process to months, if not years. Whoever manages to complete the link might just become one of the most powerful mages in the world.

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21 Jul, 2019 17:21

The reasons for the conflict aren't very clear. I recommend creating one or more characters that influenced the events so that you can give reasons for everything that occurs. Having a big crystal full of secrets to be the cause of war needs to be more intriguing. Did the republic's secrecy make people think they were keeping the magic for themselves? Was an evil cult seeking to steal the secrets during the war?

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Matthieu A.
21 Jul, 2019 22:40

Hello! You are completely right; this is mostly the result of a writing sprint I held today, and will be updated. :) Thanks for the feedback, it will definitely be used when I come back to this!

21 Jul, 2019 22:41

My comment was also the result of a writing rush so take it with a grain of salt. Cheerio.