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Dwarf Wars

The Conflict


After the events of the Orc and Ogre attack, the elves felt that they should take control of the kingdom. It was they who had done the most work to save the kingdom. The rest of the kingdom drew a line at the edge of Brentwood down to the Swamp of Vanishing and gave it all to the elves, declaring it their own kingdom, but they could not have the whole of Fishita. This eased some tension between Fishita and the elves but made it worse between elves and dwarves. The Dwarven Hills were fully within this boundary and they would not be ruled by the elves. Shortly after the dwarves attack the elves to keep them off their hills.


Dwarves built up trenches along the north side of the Dwarven Hills. They also dug tunnels into the forest and deployed behind enemy lines. The elves of Brentwood primarily stayed in or at the edge of the forest.


Brentwood Forest and The Dwarven Hills

The Engagement

Dwarves first engaged the elves on the border of what they felt was the edge of the Dwarven Hills. The elves retreated back into their forest, but the dwarves dug tunnels and attacked behind enemy lines. The humans of Fishita kept their distance as much as they could. After 66 years, the Dwarf Wars came to an end as the two sides signed a peace treaty brokered by the humans of Fishita which has stood to this day.


The Fishitan King brokered a peace treaty between the elves and dwarves.


The Kingdom of Fishita took over all the lands as part of the peace treaty, forcing both dwarven and elven governments to bow to the king of Fishita.

Historical Significance

Technological Advancement

The hill dwarves developed a fast way of tunneling that they used after the war in mining operations. The elves used the saberbows they had developed during their defense of the forest from the orcs and ogres.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Hill Dwarf and Brentwood Elf relations were in taters


Hill Dwarves
Brentwood Elves


Mining and Tunnel creation
Forest Rangers and use of a specialized weapon, the Saberbow




Push the elves out of the Dwarven Hills and prevent them from getting to the front lines.
Keep the dwarves out of the forest.

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