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Brentwood Forest

Although the humans of Fishita have established a town within the borders of Brentwood Forest and it is fully within the Fishitan Kingdom, the forest belongs to and is protected by the elves. The forest is large, covering most of the kingdom's north. It's huddled south of the Orc Ridge Mts, north of the Dwarven Hills, east of the Lands of Fire and west of The Scorch of Crystal Mountain (also called The Crystal Desert). This forest has stood through the Dwarf wars, orc wars and Demon Wars, only changing size when Crystal Mountain was formed. The elves kept the forest and the last of the Dawn Wood trees safe through those wars.


This is a forest full of tall pines and massive oaks. There are small streams and a few ponds scattered throughout the forest. There is one small lake that is fed by a convergence of several streams that form a waterfall into the lake. Besides lakes, ponds, and streams, there are pockets of thicket so dense that only the smallest of rodents make their homes there.

Fauna & Flora

Mostly made of pines and oaks, there are birches, firs, and various other trees scattered here and there. At the heart of what was the elven kingdom, there are a few giant Dawn Wood trees that the elves have placed their homes in. There are various flowers found in the forest even a few that are required for various spells.

Natural Resources

The town of Brentwood is made of the wood of the forest. They have a good forestry manager as an agreement with the elves to keep the town where it is. The forestry manager makes sure only trees damaged by the weather or other large creatures are taken and there is a large patch growing fresh trees.
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
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