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The Grand Eursian War

"I've learned my lesson about Eursia after my great-great-grandfather fought in the Eursian Civil War: they are not to be trusted. We now fight them so that the rest of Targonia will learn." - King Marth, king of Osia

The Grand Eursian War is an ongoing theatre of war between the nations of Eursia and Osia. The two nations have technically fought each other before when a portion of Eursia's residency wished for independence that led to the Eursian Civil War. After the conflict was over, Osia was created, but the two nations shared hostilities with each other. On 1504 AFT, Eursia's then-emperor Cornelius was assassinated. While the identity of the assassin is still unknown, Eursia blamed Osia for the death of their emperor, and its new emperor Benedish promised a war with Osia as a means to get himself into power. And ever since Benedish's ascension into power, the two sides have been fighting each other for 4 decades. While both are veteran in terms of their armies, Eursia's army is supposedly 10 times the size of Osia's, but is constantly being held back The Emblem, which is Osia's army being led by Chrom, the son of Osia's king and is Osia's prince. Although other nations have attempted to step up and help Osia or make peace with the two sides, Eursia swore intervention if a nation were to interfere with the war, which is troublesome since Eursia has the largest military and police force, is the largest contributor to Targonia's economy, and as many alliances with Albish Granova, Maladakova, Zidatzu and even the silver Dragonknights, even though they are not supposed to interfere with non-Dragonknight matters.

The Conflict


The Grand Eursian can trace its start to the beginning of the Eursian Civil War which created Osia as an independent nation. Before, a portion of Eursian citizens wanted independence since they didn't believe in the way Eursia was treating minority races and the lower classes, which led to a bloody conflict. Even though Osia would succeed, the two nations were neck-and-neck with each other, and for a moment, there was a chance for peace. However, that was squandered when in 1504 AFT, Eursia's emperor, Emperor Cornealius, was assassinated. No one knows who the assassin was, but the most commonly believed answer was an Osia spy, a preemptive strike under the basis that Cornealius was going to launch a surprise assault on Osia. When the two sides blamed each other, Eursia's new emperor Benedish declared war on Osia, and the conflict is ongoing to this day.


In the months following the declaration, Eursia has sent a majority of its soldiers to the south-east border of Eursia which shares borders with Osia. Eursia sent its veteran frontliners, the Stormtrupers, with assistance from the 25th Dawnguard Archery Division, and Osia sent fourth its own military called The Emblem, a small coalition of soldiers who were mostly descendants of those that fought in the Civil War decades earlier. Now though, it seems the war is about to make an ugly turn, with Eursia sending in their mages, the Firestarters, and their most elite battallion to oversee the operation, the Dragonlance Phalanx.


The border that once connected Eursia and Osia use to be crownland for farming and ranching, but it's now the center stage for most of the conflicts being made in the Grand Eursian War. It's mostly flatland with the occasional rolling hill with very few trees for cover. The flatland makes it excellent for infantry combat. Further within each of the nation's own borders lie a column of fortresses and towers that oversee the battlefield. While Eursia has the towers just to keep the Osians at bay, Osia is forced to since some of its town are close to the border.


Due to the warmer weather and flat geography of the area, it is almost either entirely sunny or windy. It hardly ever rains, and the area hasn't seen snow for a couple of centuries. The Eursian soldiers, with the surplus of manpower, are constantly ready to fight the war of attrition, as most soldiers return home to refresh. However, for the soldiers fighting for Osia within The Emblem, they are demoralized by the constant fighting and the lack of supplies, since Eursia will denounce and force their hand to any nation that gives them aid. However, the soldiers, knowing that food is not a guaranteed or they will be paid, they still continue the fight in the name of Osia.

The Engagement

Most engagments include both sides clashing in mostly melee combat. Frontlines clash and hold each other at bay, with the archers and mages fire arrows and cast spells at the enemy. These engagements could last anywhere from 2 hours to 1 week of non-stop fighting, with reinforcements continuing the assault. As of now, both sides are at a stalemate.


Immediate outcomes of the war are that trade halted with Osia, not because nations didn't want to, but because they were threatened by Eursia and its powerful military and economy. This complicated transportation with the House of Geld, which was responsible for the transportation for both Eursia and Osia, so the house was practically split in two. Both nations went to their respective Dragonknights, but only one side was able to convince the Dragonknights to join, and it was Eursia with the silver Dragonknights because they were bought out by Benedish himself, as the most popular explanation.


While the war continues to wage on, the other nations of Targonia (especially Revellon) has brought up topics about Eursia's warmongering. To the rest of the world, Eursia has started the war and the assassination of Emperor Cornelius was the catalyst and excuse for this, but the nations do not wish to do anything about the war for multiple reasons, mostly because nations like Maladakova, Albish Granova and Zidatzu are allied with Eursia financially.

Historical Significance


No matter the outcome, both Eursia and Osia will be deemed both prestigious nations in terms of its military force. While most people are certain that Eursia's legacy will continue, the same could not be said for Osia.

Technological Advancement

Although reports of scientific research have been denied by Eursian officials, it is commonly believed that Eursia is working with close partnership with the Mage's College within Eursia's borders, the Magiya School and the Arcanic Essembly to a lesser extent. Rumors of constructs, Warforged and warsuits piloted by mages and soldiers are tossed about, but none are confirmed.
Conflict Type
War, Theatre
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1504 AFT
Ending Date
Currently ongoing
Conflict Result
The war is still ongoing, but sages have predicted that this will eventually by an Eursian victory



Led by


It has one of the most veteran armies in all of Targonia, and its unity with its citizenry is legendary
It has the largest resource of manpower in all of Targonia, as well as limitless resources, a veteran army and the alliance of Albish Granova, Maladakova, Zidatzu and the silver Dragonknights


Although precise numbers are unknown, estimates from the scholar Tiber Sectum range around 11.7 million since the declaration on 1504 AFT.
Because of the aggressive pushes made by Eursian soldiers into heavily protected areas of Osia's borders, Eursia has sustained losses somewhere around 19.4 million casualties since the declaration in 1504 AFT by official Eursian sources


To push back against the Eursian tide and conduct combat in Eursian territory where it may force Eursia to surrender or declare a cease fire
To squash Osia once and for all, and to annex Osia back into its borders

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