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War of Five Kings

The War of Five Kings is the only war to involve all five of the human so-called Great Kingdoms. Started as a way to prevent the Kingdom of Lleira from becoming too strong, it ultimately ended up with King Jaymond of Lleira gaining an upper hand.

The Conflict


The War of Mocladian Demise ended in 801 AE with almost complete conquest of the Kingdom of Moclad by the Kingdom of Lleira.


A rebellion started in the former Mocladian lands with the goal of "reinstating the righteous rule". First the Kingdom of Aspax and, two weeks later, the Kingdom of Esma have both declared their support for King Bronn of Moclad. The Aspaxian army moved out to assist the rebels, while the army of Esma marched towards the Lleira's capital, Ront.   A big Lleiran army carrying the royal banner was spotted moving towards the Mocladian territories a week after the rebellion started. A second, smaller Lleiran army was gathered to defend against the invading army of Esma.

The Engagement

Neither King Jaymond of Lleira nor rebels and their Aspaxian allies were willing to start a battle, manoeuvring and fighting in skirmishes. Meanwhile, the Esmans were pursuing the inferior Lleiran second army until they ran into a trap. The royal banner in the first Lleiran army was just a ruse while both King Jaymond and his uncle, Duke Pawlin of Stush, were waiting near the capital with their retinues.   The battle resulted in a decisive victory for the Lleirans who then marched directly into the Kingdom of Esma. At the same time, the Kingdom of Espua has declared its support for the Kingdom of Lleira and marched to assist its forces against the hillmen. Facing a near-complete encirclement by much larger forces, the latter was forced to sign the peace treaty and give hostages. In a few more weeks, the Kingdom of Esma was split in two by the enemies and the Mocladian rebellion was brutally suppressed.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Growth 67st, 802 A.E.

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