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About EldritchCrow:

Hello and thank you for checking out Oraxis! I'm a writer, musician, art lover, TTRPG player and Game Master, and probably more titles I'm forgetting. Oraxis has been my way to combine all those things into one project that I get to spend my time and my energy on building!

Why World Anvil:

Basically, I wanted an all digital platform so that I can continuously update and improve the project over time. I also want to be able to offer as much of the base lore for free so that this setting can be paired with free core rules/SRD materials (especially for D&D5e) with very little work needed on behalf of the GM. The whole point is just to lower time and money invested and get more people playing TTRPGs out of the gate.  

What's Monetized:

As you may have noticed, a huge swathe of my notes (locations, people, short stories etc.) is free to the public. The only things I intend to monetize are personal projects (like my own GM notes from home campaigns), things I plan to self-publish in future short story anthologies or longer works, mixed-media content, and TTRPG system-specific content. Effectively, anything that can exist outside of a particular game system is free. Statblocks, quest hooks, secrets, and my own personal works are Patron rewards.

Why Representation Is Important To Me:

I know I'm stepping into a divisive topic here, but its something that needs to be said up front. I'm doing my best to write and code all kinds of representation into this setting with (what I hope) is good reason. Up front I am an openly bisexual man, so you can expect a lot of representation of different aspects of the sexuality spectrum. I also have many friends, people I care about, and people I respect that are on different parts of the gender spectrum or deal with racism and other major -isms in media daily. Basically, this project's main goal is to be built in such a way that any of my friends or people I care about could sit down, write a story or play a TTRPG in Oraxis without feeling like they have to bend lore or hack it etc., for their representation to be present in the setting already. I want people to feel welcome. I want them to feel comfortable and safe with this material, and encouraged to tell THEIR stories with it.

All of this is basically because I want my friends and loved ones who are part of under represented groups to feel welcome in my setting and at my game table without having to put in any kind of extra work emotionally. So, I can't in good conscience create a world and write stories without making it a love letter to them and making sure that they are represented respectfully. I just want my friends to be able to see themselves reflected in my work as the heroes that they are to me.

Creator Rules:

OGL, OFL and licensing:

All of my content is developed to work within OGL and OFL guidelines, especially with regards to the D&D5e SRD content. All of my custom content (like playable ancestries etc.) is under a Creative Commons with Attribution license. This means that you can take custom NPCs, locations, ancestries, items, spells, class archetypes, or even the entire setting and build your own content for it as long as you credit me as the creator for whatever parts you use. This includes using it for streamed content!

Patron-submitted Content:

Two of my Patreon rewards include getting to create an NPC or Location that become canon in the setting. I do reserve the right to alter things about the character or location (within reason) to suit the world, and you will be credited as a creator for the character/location you submit.

Comments and Feedback:

There's a distinct difference between feedback and being an ass on the internet. So here's the deal, if you comment, "x thing is problematic/harmful to a group," then I am going to take that extremely seriously. My first responses are going to be, "In what way (if it isn't already made clear), and can you point me in the direction of materials I can use to educate myself on this problem?" Obviously I don't expect people to do the work for me or educate me, but I also can't always parse out what is a genuine source of good information or not, so asking for ways I can educate myself is just the most respectful response I can think up that doesn't force someone to do the work for me. That said, genuine criticism is often accompanied by possible solutions. So if you comment things like, "I hate x thing," or, "y thing is bad," without providing a significant reason why, expect to get ignored. Without knowing why, there's no way I'll be able to improve it, plain and simple.

Welcome to Oraxis, my love letter to the people I give a damn about. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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You can hear me chat about TTRPGs on the Dice Nights Podcast.     Come watch me play D&D on The Tainted Lands, Mists of Mournton and Shadows of the City!   I co-wrote for Tale Foundry on an upcoming series, check out the channel below!    

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