An ancient puzzle box.
Fourteen letters.
A Council of Whispers.
…and a clerk.


Discover the 700 year old secret millions died to protect.

Goodreads members call this book, “Surprising,” “Emotional,” “Fantastic,” and, “…one of the best love stories I have ever read.” With an average rating of 5 Stars, “…you've got me hooked in a way that I can't shake.”   You can buy the book now in digital or print through Amazon (print) or your favorite online retailer.
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Product details

Print Length:

86 pages


On the Fly Publications; 2 edition (September 20, 2011)

Publication Date:

September 20, 2011



Age Level:


What Readers Are Saying:

"I must dedicate part of this review to the author, Jaime Buckley. This guy is a genius. The effort and heart he has obviously put into his work, the characters and this world is mind-blowing."
5 Star Review.png
— Books That Spark, UK
"This book has all of the qualities of a great mystery and a great fantasy molded together into a wonderful story. As a mystery and fantasy junkie, I couldn’t be more thrilled that those genres were combined!"
5 Star Review.png
— Kaitlyn, USA


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