There are a lot of things I could say to you right now. To encourage you, entice you perhaps. But I think the best counsel I can give you at this moment, is "be sure."
  Be sure you want to join the adventure.
Be sure you want to get lost in magic, mayhem, and this vast new world.
Be sure you want to know more about yourself...
  ...because that's exactly what will happen once you start down this path.
The world you are now entering is an expansive one. While the Narrator gave the task of writing and publishing the novels to Jaime Buckley, my task is to add upon Jaime's works--because there's so much more to share.   CHRONICLES OF A HERO only documents the single path of The Hero within a complex tapestry. Truth is, Wendell P. Dipmier is at the center of a historical anomoly.   My research has uncovered generations of history, working in unison to craft the events of Wendell's life. Countless lives and unknown heroes, all with stories to be told. These events tug at more than Humans. Wendell has affected the Evolu, Vallen, Gentre, Gypsies, Iskari, and even the extinct race of the Nocturi.   What most don't see, are the beings of darkness, influencing the agency of mankind. The Ogriel and The Unembodied, entities from the other side, tempting generations--whispering in the ears of the weak, offering power and opportunity to the hopeless, all to infiltrate the very structure of society.  
It meant the organizing of this material had to be specific. I feel tempted to write these articles like my books, but discipline and attention were required to make sure you had every detail.   ...lest we allow evil to take hold of our lives again.   Sadly I'm only one person. I'm old, slow, and tired after a lifetime of wandering this world in search of the truth.   On the other hand, I AM a fishis by profession...which means if ANYONE can do this, it'll be me.   To be clear, this site is more than just a collection of people, places, and events. It's a web through time, connecting lives immersed in magic, lore, and legend...all of which blend into one cohesive world experience. This experience, as you will eventually discover, is all connected to the main storyline: CHRONICLES OF A HERO
  What I'm attempting won't be perfect. The story behind all this IS perfect (at least in my opinion), but me? I'm just an old gnome without a day job and a willingness to keep at this until my time is up (or I run out of drinking money).   So if you find mistakes, don't blame the story...blame me.      

How This Material Is Organized

You can come here to discover more about the characters you love, hate, or love to hate. You can search for terms, people, places, and general events--added as they appear in the records I have, which I submit according to its degree of importance.   Rest assured that all information will (eventually) be linked into one cohesive document. The red words you see are links to that very term or subject. As further maps, documents, letters & journal entries are obtained, they will be indexed and woven into the fabric of this site. As lore & more (hehe,...I made a rhyme) get organized, I promise to provide them for your consuming pleasure.
  After all, leaking socially-sensitive FAF information to the public has always been a hobby of mine...(and the very reason I was banished from my homeland in the first place).
  Why stop now?

How To Access HIDDEN Knowledge

The fact that I’ve published this information in pieces and cannot take it back terrifies me. Many secrets and hidden knowledge have come to my attention over the years....things I've kept to myself, locked away and oftentimes ignored (for good reason). Add to that my recently unrestricted access to The Great Library of the Gnolaum, a place where time does not exist...   All pertinent knowledge of this world and its inhabitants are now within my reach.
  TRANSLATION: If there's information to be had, I'm gonna find it, cupcake.
  Problem is, most of these secrets are powerful, incriminating, and in many cases, dangerous. We're talking the Book of Dark Bindings dangerous, here. I've recently discovered notes about mysteries solved by brilliant minds and historians, willing to use up their lives in pursuit of the truth, so individuals like you could benefit from such knowledge.
  IF you're wise enough, that is.    

That is why this world will be revealed in TWO ways:

To the casual adventurer

Those who seek simply to wet their curiosity, OR to enhance the enjoyment of books they've already read about Wendell P. Dipmier.

To those who SUPPORT me

Those who have shown their hunger for the smallest details and proven this by joining Jaime's exclusive email list!
There is something here for everyone. Those who desire to learn more of this world will find plenty to partake of, especially with what I have in store.
  For those who want to know everything, from the smallest lie to legends, lore, and how it all connects together, THEY will be able to search and see the marvels only afforded those willing to make sure I don't die of starvation. Patrons can walk unhindered through halls, homes, graves, and handle the secret letters, vows, and violations of nature, hidden from mankind.
  Until now.
  As I said, be sure.
  This is not an adventure to be taken lightly.
  TGII help us all.

"Beware...for all who have light revealed to them are bound to obey the same."
— Brother Owens

You will also find scrolls from time to time, which will contain special information depending upon its seal. Go ahead and click on each of the scrolls below to reveal its explanation...
The following scrolls are special markers, some available to the public, but most are exclusively for licensed fishis.   Scrolls are identified by their seals and must be clicked upon to reveal their contents (as you now know).   This scroll contains my personal notes from the field. Tidbits the curious mind will want to know, and I simply haven't had the time to wedge the knowledge into the cannon of this site (yet).  
~ Höbin
This is an Official Scroll, used to share information from those in authority.   If the knowledge is from royalty, subscribed by law, a pronounced decree or correspondence between those of great influence, you'll find this scroll used...  
~ Höbin
This is a scroll of magic, sharing all things having to do with the mägo and their craft.
- H
  "Those of the University of Magic can neither support nor refute the facts presented by Mr. Luckyfeller concerning magical lore.   Though the Council of Magic, out of wisdom, would prefer to examine any given claimes made by this particular historian, his association with Morphiophelius Smith is enough to satisfy our claims.   We urge all those wishing to delve into the realm of a mägo to first seek proper schooling before tempting forces beyond their understanding and control.  
~ H. M. Fumblestore
Last but not least, this is a scroll of Lore.   Within these parchments are the whispers of the impossible, the terrifying and brilliant, reserved exclusively for a fishis eyes.   Should you desire to learn of the past, the unusual present (and outside the knowledge of the ignorant) or of things yet to come, I suggest you obtain a 366D-MR field license as soon as you are able.  
~ Höbin


"I can't believe you're telling our secrets, Höbin. I...expected more from you than this!   BTW, if you spread any rumors about me and Mrs. Kravitz, I'll turn your rusting metal hide into a toad, GOT IT?!?   They're LIES."
— Chuck
"Great, now I gotta watch what I say, huh.   Damn.   Well, I ain't gonna stop drinkin' or smoking cigars! You can forget that crap.   You don't like it--ya can go snuggle with Mahan for all I care."
— Dax
"...and ANOTHER thing...she made a pass at ME!   IT'S TRUE!!   The woman could cause paint to shrivel up and peel itself from a wall with that face.   Things that make you want to say, "EWWWWWW!"
— Chuck


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14 May, 2019 22:13

Very amusing! :) I enjoyed reading it. Will there be more links to other articles? :3

15 May, 2019 12:46

I'm so glad you liked it! Yes, there will be more links. Still getting used to this platform...SO excited to share.

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Höbin Luckyfeller
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Absolutely outstanding work, especially with all of the drawings!

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No one said I was a one-man show, Höbin.   Everyone likes the site and the TON of info you put up here for readers. Isn't that a good thing?

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Very kind of you =) Hope you enjoy the site!

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