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Höbin Luckyfeller

Höbin Luckyfeller | Member Since 12 Jun, 2019
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Short. Handsome. Damn smart. Gnome. Cyborg. Best historian adventurer you'll ever find, cause I care about what I'm doing more than being right...

Interests & Hobbies

Hanging out and working with my colleague, Jaime Buckley.

Favorite Movies

The Hobbit, A Gnome Jumped Out Of The CooCoo's Nest,

Favorite TV Series

Trench Wars

Favorite Books

Prelude to a Hero, Race to Til-Thorin, Into the Fire, Trench Wars, Second Chances, The Truth About Lies, The Price of Fame, Dragonlance (series)

Favorite Games

Don't Starve

Latest Loved work

Finley's Fantastical Finds

Finley Greenhopper

Great Library of Bridgeport