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If this is your first time here, I'd like to take a moment to prep your mind.
(That might sound odd--but you'll thank me for it later, I promise. )

  First off--this entire interactive site is based on a published fantasy series, called Chronicles of a Hero, by Jaime Buckley. It started as bedtime tales for his kids, grew into comic books, then into published novels, games, and more.   Everything you see and experience here IS FROM THAT WORLD.  

TRANSLATION: The moment you leave this page, you'll be exposed to my life's work.

  All I ask is you leave the coffee machine in the break room alone. I need all the stimulants I can get to do this job.   (...and don't touch the grey foam cup in the fridge marked 'special'...just FYI. You'll regret it.)   Before you rush off to explore, I'm going to suggest a few things you'll want to consider--to provide you with the best experience possible.  

STEP #1:

FOLLOW This World!

It SHOULD go without saying that if you want to enjoy the wonders of this growing world, you should PROVE it by clicking HERE to become one of our heros!   This site is a creation of love and passion, dedicated to the readers of Jaime's books. Adding to it regularly, we show you how deep the rabbit...hole...goes...   This site is built using the mantra 'go BIG or go HOME', and you just can't get the FULL experience without full access! But not all material is made public. Those who WANT that full access should consider becoming a member of Jaime's CHRONICLES OF A HERO email list.   His personal community of fans are the only ones given complete access to this world!  

STEP #2:


It seems almost silly to think you can truly enjoy this world without knowing the story behind it. Laugh, gasp, cheer, duck your head (seriously--a reader did that) and even have a good cry, by starting with Jaime's first book in the series: PRELUDE TO A HERO.   It'll help you understand why I love...my...job.  

Grab a copy of Prelude to a Hero from your preferred vendor.

PAPERBACK COPIES can be purchased from AMAZON
OR...SUPPORT JAIME by purchasing the CHRONICLES STARTER PACK directly from him! Get books 1-3 at a discounted price, with the ability to save 100% by sharing the link with your friends!! What's even better, is the money goes to him, not the big companies. He even takes the portion normally snatched by Amazon and other companies, and buys books for kids in horrible life circumstances to cheer them up (click the book pic to the left to see what I mean...)    

STEP #3:

Consider Supporting My Efforts

If you enjoy this work, consider supporting my long hours, late nights, and running for my life on Tuesday's, Friday's, and meeting with the Inner Sanctum every third Saturday (long story), by:   • Telling a friend about these books and this website;
• Writing a review on the books you read in the Chronicle series--wherever you bought them;
• Buy a book, a t-shirt, HD artwork,...or consider buying me a SMILE-LATTE.   A $3 SMILE-LATTE goes a looooong way to keep my fingers singing across my keyboard! Plus, doesn't it sound like a decent trade for 720 HOURS OF ACCESS A MONTH?   Exactly. That's less than the cost of a soiled Vallen's loincloth...and who would WANT that!    

STEP #4:

Join the community!

Read the books, sign up for Jaime's email list, listen to our podcast, join our private Facebook group and YouTube channel...then share your thoughts with us, so we can make it even better.  
The success of this story is largely dependent upon YOU!   • There's no advertising budget for me to draw from.
• It's against my ethical code to entice with clickbait (cause I'm NOT a dirtbag).
  ...but I'm willing to personally sacrifice time, effort, and what funds I have to reveal this magical world--if I can rely on YOU to spread the word.   The way people find out about CHRONICLES OF A HERO and this world, is by you saying something...so SAY something. Share on that in-yer-FACEBOOK thingy, that TWIT-network, INSTAGRAMificate it, or make a YOUTUBE video about us and spread it around!   Working together, both Jaime and I believe Wendell's story can be shared around the world.   At the very least, make sure you FOLLOW this world.
  If you don't have a Worldanvil account, that's NOT A PROBLEM, an account is completely FREE.   And remember:  

You are MORE than you THINK you are!



Author's Notes

If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to ask me a (private) question--I can answer them here.

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