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  This interactive site is the expanded world, sparked from a published fantasy series called Chronicles of a Hero. Given birth as a comic book series in 2005 under the title 'WANTED:HERO', the material blossomed into short stories, novellas, YA novels, games, and more. Always stretching and growing, never to be fully contained -- filling in the lore requested by readers.   My job is to comb through the available information and make the connections.  

TRANSLATION: The moment you leave this page, you'll be exposed to my life's work.

  All I ask is you leave the coffee machine in the break room alone. I need all the stimulants I can get to do this job.   (...and don't touch the grey foam cup in the fridge marked 'special'...just FYI. You'll regret it.)   Before you rush off to explore, I'm going to suggest a few things you may want to consider--providing you with the best possible experience.  

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It SHOULD go without saying that if you want to enjoy the wonders of this growing world, you should PROVE it by clicking HERE to become one of our heros!   This site is a creation of love and passion, dedicated to the readers of this world. Adding to it regularly, we show you how deep the rabbit...hole...goes...   This site is built using the mantra 'go BIG or go HOME', and you just can't get the FULL experience without our updates! All material is made public, but those who WANT that full experience should consider following this world, so they can receive the update notifications when new materials are available!    

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It seems almost silly to think you can truly enjoy this world without reading the adventures behind it. Laugh, gasp, cheer, duck your head (seriously--a reader did that) and even have a good cry. Watch for our [NEW] books as we publish them.   It'll help you understand why I love...my...job.  

An Update on Wanted:Hero Books:

After 17 years of publishing, the author decided to start over. I know, crazy -- but that's one of the attributes of your race I personally find intrguing. He said something about "making compromises to the story" which he could no longer live with. All I can say is to watch as the changes happen and enjoy what will certainly be a wild ride to feed you fiction-addiction.   If you'd like more information, read What You Should Know.  

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If you enjoy this work, consider leaving a comment.   Doesn't matter which article you choose, it always encourages us to provide more. It may seem like a small thing, but this is a work of love on our side. Knowing that you like something, or even have a question we could answer for you, makes our day.   We both know you have something to say, right?   That...was rhetorical.    

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The success of this story is dependent upon our readers!   • We don't advertise.
• We don't participate much on social media (we'd rather be writing instead).
• This website is the center of our creative Universe.
• It's against our ethical code to entice with clickbait.
...instead, we sacrifice time, effort, and what funds we have to build this magical world--and rely on YOU to spread the word.   All we ask is that IF you like the materials here, consider saying something. Share what you like on that in-yer-FACEBOOK thingy, or the TWIT-network, maybe INSTAGRAMificate it, or make a YOUTUBE video and spread it around? You're the genius, think of something.  
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I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.



Author's Notes

If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to ask me a (private) question--I can answer them here.

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