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If this is your first time here, I'd like to take a moment to prep your mind.
(You'll thank me for it later, I promise. )

  This interactive site is the expanded works of a fantasy series called Chronicles of a Hero. Given birth as comic books in 2005 under the title 'WANTED:HERO', the story was a hit. It blossomed into short stories, novellas, YA novels, games, and more. My job is to comb through the available information and make the connections.

TRANSLATION: The moment you leave this page, you'll be exposed to my life's work.

  All I ask is you leave the coffee machine in the break room alone. I need all the stimulants I can get to do this job. (Oh...and don't touch the grey foam cup in the fridge. The one with the furry black stains dripping down the side, marked 'special'. It belongs to Herman from accounting...just FYI.)   Before you rush off to explore, I'm going to suggest a few things you may want to consider. These will provide you with the best possible experience.  

STEP #1:

FOLLOW This World!

If you want to enjoy the wonders of this growing world, then PROVE it by clicking HERE to become one of our heros!   This is a labor of love, passion, and dedication to the readers. I'm adding to it regularly, showing you how deep the rabbit...hole...goes...   All material is made public, but those who FOLLOW this world, receive update notifications when new materials are available.    

STEP #2:


It seems almost silly to think you can truly enjoy this world without reading the adventures behind it. Laugh, gasp, cheer, duck your head (seriously--a reader did that) and even have a good cry. Watch for our books as we publish them.   It'll help you understand why I   While I'm gathering the raw information of this world, author/cartoonist Jaime Buckley crafts the stories and publishes them to your people FIRST on IF YOU ENJOY reading things first, OR enjoy looking behind the curtain, OR connecting directly with authors, consider stopping by. Jaime caters exclusively to his readers, and I get to assist him in this process.    

STEP #3:

Consider Giving Feedback

If you enjoy what we do, consider leaving a comment.   Doesn't matter which article you choose.   If we don't get feedback, we don't know if our labor is worth anything to anyone. It's not about a pat on the back, but rather knowing that you found value in some form. When we know how it affects readers, it encourages us to provide more and/or fine tune the materials we've posted.   It may seem like a small thing, but this is a work of love. Knowing that you like something, or even have a question we can (hopefully) answer for you, makes our day.   ...and since we're being open and honest here, if you have something you'd LIKE to see, I'd move TGII's own foot to make that happen!   We both know you have something to say, right?   That...was rhetorical.    

STEP #4:

Tell Your Friends About Us!

Our success depends on our readers!   We don't advertise, participate on social media, or entice with clickbait.  
...instead, we sacrifice time, effort, and what funds we have to build this magical world--and rely on YOU to spread the word.   All we ask is that IF you like the materials here, consider saying something. Share what you like on that in-yer-FACEBOOK thingy, or the TWIT-network, maybe INSTAGRAMificate it, or make a YOUTUBE video and spread it around? You're the genius, think of something.   Working together, we believe these stories can be shared with those who would enjoy them most. That's all that really matters to us -- that those who are looking for fun, fantasy, and adventure -- can find us.  

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.


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