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Welcome to the hub of our publications. This page was created and designed to help you find the books you
are looking for, in the format you desire. If there is a story written for the Wanted Hero fictional Universe, written by storyteller Jaime Buckley or ANY of his friends (Höbin, Death, Chuck & Dax...), you will find a direct link to purchase those books here.
  'PERSPICACIOUS PUBLISHING' is our family publishing company, granted to us after the passing of our beloved friend Dathern Istul.   [ˌpərspəˈkāSHəs | 'having a ready insight into and understanding of things']

The WANTED:HERO Collector’s Edition

  Over ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS of the comics since 2005.   Enjoy 378 pages of the comical adventures of Wendell P Dipmier, the accidental hero. An original Indie eComic, launched in 2005, entertaining kids in 6o countries within its first year online. This creation, sold as a ¢.97 PDF, had over 15,000 active members on their phpBB forums. The Pirate Bay even stole and distributed it in its second year.   Now published in a single collector’s volume, you can laugh and enjoy the 13 epic comics in print for the first time in 17 years.  

Demoni Vankil

Demoni Vankil Hardback.webp
When the Royal Guard showed up to escort Eamon before the King and Queen, he sent his family into hiding. They charge the mägo with conducting illicit research and assign him a seemingly impossible task: Violate the known laws of magic to bind the Devil himself. Desperate to get back to his family, Eamon makes unspeakable sacrifices to save the world from war. Only love can empower Eamon to walk the path of pain and achieve the impossible. A love that never wavers.   An ancient puzzle box.
Fourteen letters.
A council of whispers.
…and a clerk.
Discover the 700-year-old secret millions died to protect.  

Bloodsticks - A brief history and practical guide.

GAMBLING. GYPSIES...AND SNOGGIN' THE UGLIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD.   When Höbin is contracted to research the popular game of chance, he quickly learns the truth surrounding its history is anything but.   Circumstances unfold faster than he can anticipate, pulling Höbin from his assignment and thrusting him into the shadows of intrigue, magic…and murder.   This is Höbin's second published book in his Field Guide collection.


WHAT IF - Cross Point

Visit the world of WANTED HERO nearly a thousand years before Wendell even shows up...and help shape the story in this choose-your-own-ending adventure!   Travel with Dorbane, a Kutollum warrior, and Valda, a beautiful Gypsy, to Castle a time when Mahan is at war with the world.   But beware - each and every choice you make will affect the future.

Treat yourself to advanced world building tools.
Every fictional story requires worldbuilding.   Advanced worldbuilding creates high-end worldbuilding skills, organized into an easy-to-follow system, so you don’t get lost in the process. It helps prevent writer's block, increases writing speed, production, and provides templates to organize the overflow of ideas you’ll have.   You’ll write fast, worldbuild even faster, and it includes the 'trigger questions' used to force your brain to be creative.     There are 12 modules available for both writers and RPG GM’s. Visit my store to see the list, and the multitude of discounts available.


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