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When Höbin is contracted to research the popular game of chance, he quickly learns the truth surrounding its history is anything but. Circumstances unfold faster than he can anticipate, pulling Höbin from his assignment and thrusting him into the shadows of intrigue, magic…and murder.

About the Author

HÖBIN LUCKYFELLER IS WHAT people refer to as a field-scribe-historian (or fishis for short), hence the term—field work is for the fishis. He specializes in acquiring unique information, not readily available to a ‘normal’ historian (that means the yahoo’s who still write with pen and paper instead of using a laptop).  
The fact is, he’s famous for one special reason: He’s gone where no Gnome has gone before.   Höbin’s qualifications include studying under the renown scribe and botanist Bigsby Bumblebutt, earning his Field Degree from Clockworks Academy. After the Gate War, he requested Isle-Leave from the Government Faction and got his black card, taking his surviving two children— Alhannah and Green with him on remote field assignments. Since then he’s earned a Doctorate in both field analytics, animal linguistics and graduated as a 'Qualified Crocodile' through the human performance mastery program under the tutelage of Roger M Anthony.   He is proficient in arcane analysis, magic fundamentals and advanced cybernetic adaptation and engineering. Höbin also makes a mean quiche and an impressive lemon sorbet.   This is his first public release of knowledge, which he hopes to be a success for two important reasons: One, because you have a right to know the truth about Elämä and all that pertains to it, and; Two, …he needs drinking money.

What Readers Are Saying:

This is the book that really made me fall in love with Höbin.   Jaime Buckley keeps getting better and better as a storyteller and continues to draw you into this fascinating world. I think the thing that makes them such fun reads is his unique way of blending ancient language with modern humor.   Seriously cannot tell you how many times I snorted while reading this book (that's a compliment, I promise)."
— Mandie Sanders
#1 New Yoke Times Best Selling Author & Award-Winning Historian
Höbin Luckyfeller

Release Date: 1.15.24


Höbin Luckyfeller


Jaime Buckley


Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy


#1 New Yoke Times Best Seller (67 weeks)
"Best Mystery Find" (Opah's Book Club)
"#2 Body Count Bomb" (Yoname Book Club)
"#1 Mystery Master" (Gnoop Book Club)
"Nail Biter" (Netflips Book Club)


© 2013 by Jaime D Buckley. All Rights Reserved.

Available Formats:

ISBN# 978-1-61463-130-9 (digital)
ISBN# 978-1-61463-131-6 (paperback)
ISBN# 978-1-61463-132-3 (hardback)
ISBN# 978-1-61463-133-0 (audio)

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Print Length:

172 pages


Perspicacious Publishing
1392 Turf Farm Rd #242
Payson, UT 84651

Publication Date:

January 15, 2024 (Revised)
November 8, 2013 (original publication date)


English, Gentre (gnome exclusive)

Age Level:



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