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Royal Dwarven Military

Military of the Dwarven Kingdom

All parts of war begin in the classroom long before they begin on the battlefield. Hours are spent reading parchments and learning strategies, honing weapons and engineering knowledge before one can set foot outside and begin the process of hands-on learning. This is the Dwarven way, to begin with education, first with books, then with experience, before sending their people out into the world to fulfill a purpose. For millennia, the Dwarven Kingdom has survived conflicts aplenty with their strategies, slowly honing their process until it becomes the ultimate tool to protect the Kingdom. This process makes them brilliant craftsmen and possibly even deadlier Warriors.   The Royal Dwarven Military is one of the most highly trained military forces in the world, utilizing both voluntary service and conscription to build a great standing military on the foundation of education first, and war afterward. The three corps of the Royal Dwarven Military begin their lives at the three respective schools of the Dwarven Kingdom, learning about aspects of war, magic, and craftsmanship that have served them well in times of battle since long before the Eldritch War. Rarely have enemies entered the borders of the Dwarven Kingdom as their strategies force even the strongest opponents to concede.   Since the beginning of the Dwarven Kingdom and the founding of the School of Mines, the Royal Dwarven Military has existed in one form or another but did not become the strategic organization of modern times until the founding of the First Furnace and the Golden Anvil. A three-pronged approach to education was necessary to create a well-prepared military that would be able to protect the tunnels and caverns that the Dwarves called home. This would serve them well during the days of the Eldritch War when organization, knowledge, and proactivity were necessary to survive the onslaught unleashed upon the land.


The Royal Dwarven Military is the largest military force on the Northern Continent, numbering nearly fifty thousand at its strongest. Due to the odd nature of the Dwarven Kingdom, the Royal Dwarven Military consists of three corps that specialize in a variety of knowledge to keep the Kingdom safe in times of war without causing too much damage to the overlying rock structures. The three corps, while specialized, are trained to work together in seamless units that can fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities.   The current Dwarven military is led by the Headmaster of the First Furnace, a title not easily earned. Appointed by the King, the Headmaster presides over the Dwarven magic academy and becomes the King's closest advisor in the event of a large conflict. Historically, the three Headmasters of the First Furnace, Golden Anvil, and the School of Mines serve as the King's military advisors but Dwarven Law lays that responsibility upon the Headmaster of the First Furnace solely.   Each corp has its own team of leaders that serve as intermediaries between the Headmasters and the various battalions and units that may appear within the corps. Each team of leaders is appointed by the Headmasters after having gained the title of Master Dwarf in their respective area of expertise and having served in the Royal Dwarven Military for a minimum of eight decades. While the King does have some oversight on these appointments, he rarely intervenes, allowing the Headmasters to appoint those that are best suited for the job.  
Serving as the warfaring organization of the Royal Dwarven Military, the Hammerfalls specializes in traditional military tactics and warfare. Those that join this corp make up the largest force of the military and by far spend the most time physically training in order to serve their people.


The Hammerfalls are the corp of the Royal Dwarven Military that specializes in traditional military tactics, weapons, and strategies of warfare. The largest corp of the Royal Dwarven Military, this group is full of Dwarves that have actively sought out military service in order to serve their kingdom and learn the deep and varied history of warfare throughout both continents of the world. Members of this corp will learn a variety of knowledge about war during their time at the Golden Anvil, including becoming well-trained Warriors with specialized weapons, overall strategies, and how their role fits in with the rest of the Royal Dwarven Military.   This Warfare Corp is led by the Headmaster of the Golden Anvil, a position appointed by the King. This person has proven their proficiency with a variety of weapons, complicated battlefield strategies, and their overall knowledge of warfare. The Headmaster then appoints Generals and Professors that will further the goals of the Hammerfalls and the Golden Anvil as a whole.


The Scriptwroughts are the corp of the Royal Dwarven Military that specializes in all things magic related, including enchanted items, special metals, and anything else that may be touched by magic. The smallest corp of the Royal Dwarven Military, this group is by far the best trained as their magic and skills must be honed over decades so that they will not falter in the face of a gargantuan enemy. Members of this corp will study the various colors of magic, focusing in Brown Magic, Orange Magic, and Purple Magic as these colors tend to be the most helpful in the underground.   This Spellcasting Corp is led by the Headmaster of the First Furnace, a position appointed by the King. This person has proven their proficiency with a variety of magic and has heavily specialized in a single or multiple colors. The Headmaster then appoints Generals and Professors that specialize in the individual colors of magic as well as enchanting and magical warfare in order to best prepare students for all possibilities while on the battlefield.
Scriptwroughts Crest by Crest via Armoria, created by RiverFang


The Stoneshapers are the corp of the Royal Dwarven Military that specializes in combat engineering, including cave destruction, tunnel making, construction, and a great deal of mathematics. The second largest corp of the Royal Dwarven Military, this group is by far the most technical and requires a great deal of in-depth knowledge of both mathematics and science. Members of this corps study many plans and schematics in order to be able to use their skills to buy time or an advantage in battle. A single wrong move on their part could damage the tunnel system of the Dwarven Kingdom irreparably or hinder the Royal Dwarven Military while in battle.   This Engineering Corp is led by the Headmaster of the School of Mines, a position appointed by the King. This person has proven their proficiency in a variety of trades and must have the title of Master Dwarf in at least three trades to be considered. The Headmaster then appoints Generals and Professors that are considered Master Dwarves in their specialized disciplines and have provided service to the Kingdom for a minimum of eight decades.

Military Education

Education is extremely important to the Dwarves and the Dwarven Kingdom, causing it to be the foundation of the Royal Dwarven Military. Without the system of schools and academies throughout the Kingdom, the three corps cease to exist as their expertise can only be gained through hands-on teaching models that the Dwarves pride themselves on. To become productive members of society, all who wish to be seen as a Dwarf must be educated and find their place within the Kingdom, whether as a craftsman or as part of the protection force.   All who join or are conscripted into the Royal Dwarven Military will spend a number of years or decades at one of the three large academies in the Dwarven Kingdom. While receiving the title of Master Dwarf is not a requirement of this military training, most in the Royal Dwarven Military take this opportunity to gain such a title as to have a way to be a productive member of Dwarven society once their time in the military is up. Those conscripted into the military can have their terms shortened or ended altogether if they gain the title of Master Dwarf and join a guild or find other employment in the Kingdom.  

School of Mines

The School of Mines was the first school established in the lands of Isekai. Within months of the creation of the Dwarven Kingdom, a school of the trades was established so that children and others could learn a trade to support their families and not be a burden on the fledgling Kingdom. Originally a school of mining, the curriculum greatly expanded to include all possible trades as well as mathematics, science, and engineering. As the curriculum grew, so too did the school's responsibilities, and the Stoneshapers were created from the students that excelled.   Those that study at the School of Mines more often than not end up as part of the Stoneshapers if they choose to join the Royal Dwarven Military. Mining is only a single part of the curriculum, often focusing on tunnel creation and destruction, rock structures, and other general knowledge that all Miners must know. After decades of study, the students will branch into other areas of combat engineering, often dealing with explosives and strategic destruction that can aid the other corps. These students are well-taught in science, mathematics, and often languages as well.
School of Mines
First Furnace

First Furnace

The First Furnace is the magic academy of the Dwarven Kingdom and was established not long after the Elves and Humans established academies of their own. Originally, the First Furnace had no ties to the Royal Dwarven Military as it was nothing more than a place for Dwarves to learn the arcane arts that may assist with mining or other things throughout the Kingdom. The presence of possibly encroaching Giants from the north quickly changed that, causing the formation of the Scriptwroughts and a more military presence in part of the First Furnace.   Those that study at the First Furnace more often than not end up as part of the Scriptwroughts if they choose to join the Royal Dwarven Military. Specialization in a color of magic is required, often in Brown Magic, Orange Magic, and Purple Magic as most Dwarves have an affinity for these colors. Enchanting, magical Metallurgy, and sealing magic are also taught as part of the curriculum once one has mastered at least one color of magic if not more.

Golden Anvil

The Golden Anvil is the youngest of the academies in the Dwarven Kingdom as early on, few saw the need for a war academy when few if any, other countries in the Northern Continent had one. The Dwarven King saw this as a proactive measure that would eventually pay off when large conflicts, such as the Giant Wars and the Eldritch War, ravaged the land. There was a need to teach the art of war so that devastation would not rain down upon the tunnels and caverns of the Dwarven Kingdom. The Dwarves could march forward and end a war before it began.   Those that study at the Golden Anvil more often than not end up as part of the Hammerfalls if they choose to join the Royal Dwarven Military. Weaponry, fighting, and strategies are just some of the things a student will study here, immersing themselves in the culture of warfare and the knowledge necessary to live another day. Hands-on learning here is paramount, with skirmishes and practice battles scheduled with the Kingdom of Gems constantly to keep both war-ready.
Golden Anvil

All For the Forge

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The culture of the Royal Dwarven Military varies little from the common Iron Dwarf Culture seen throughout the Kingdom, but life is more regimented than elsewhere. The Elves call the culture of the Royal Dwarven Military overly strict, but it is little different from the rank and file that is found amongst the Military of the Human Empire. Dwarves part of the Royal Dwarven Military are expected to keep themselves clean and ready while their words and actions should not reflect poorly on the Kingdom they are serving.   The Dwarves also believe that worshiping and studying the teachings of Crommel is a central part of their military and way of life as without Crommel and his forge, the Dwarves would not exist nor have the forges of their own with which to create. A single day a week is set aside for rest and study, allowing some reprieve from the regimented lifestyle to breathe and refresh for the week ahead.


Much like the Military of the Human Empire, the Royal Dwarven Military believes in the need to stockpile items for the use of their corps. Each of the academies is required to keep a designated amount of necessary materials for use by their students and corp members as is written in Dwarven Law. These items are cataloged and signed out to individuals for the duration of their time with the Royal Dwarven Military and must be returned in usable condition or documentation must be provided about why this is not possible.   While each academy has its own stores, in times of surplus it is common for general items, such as bedding, standard gear, such as headlamps, armor, and weapons, and food stores to be shared amongst the academies so that all reach their quotas. Students at the academies that are not part of the Royal Dwarven Military may assist in making items, including weapons, armor, spellcasting focuses, enchanted items, and more for the corps during their time at the academies. Rarely are items imported for use by the Royal Dwarven Military.


It is unknown when the Royal Dwarven Military was formally recognized as the military of the Dwarven Kingdom but some form of organized military has existed since the earliest days of the Kingdom. The first King of the Dwarves believed that even in the more peaceful days of the world a standing warring force was necessary in case the Divine Races decided to encroach upon the land granted to the Dwarves by Crommel. These early Soldiers were poorly trained but were equipped with the best weapons and armor created in Dwarven forges.   There was no need for a trained protection force for the Dwarven King as he often trained alongside his people, going to war, and wielding a divine hammer. From the earliest days, the Dwarves were seen as a military force to be reconned with, but as the academies were established and education became more widespread, so too would the military grow and change into the largest force on the Northern Continent.   The first to be officially recognized was the Stoneshapers, a group that had specialized knowledge of the tunnels and caverns of the Dwarven Kingdom. While those that fought with weapons were loosely organized, the Stoneshapers had a structure and orders that kept them organized in the face of danger. The next to come was the Scriptwroughts as the magic academies of Vóreios abounded and magic was seen as something that could grant advantages or level the field. For centuries, these two corps would continue forth, protecting the Kingdom alongside those the wielded weapons and were loosely organized around the King.   The Hammerfalls were the last to be recognized, first appearing as the Golden Anvil was established. These were people that specialized in warfare, learning from history and applying new techniques as technology and magic changed. The Golden Anvil was the first military academy of Vóreios, setting a precedent of education and warfaring that brought many to the Dwarves for advice but yet turned away those that may cause issue.   While Dwarven Law has defined the place of the three corps and their leaders, the Dwarven King still believes in leading from the front. The Headmasters of the academies are advisors, nothing more. They do not make the decisions for the Kingdom, setting them apart from the other countries of the world. Special armor is crafted for each King upon their ascension to the throne and they wield the divine hammer made by the first Dwarven King.

Character flag image: Royal Dwarven Military Crest by Crest via Armoria, created by RiverFang


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