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Prince Krojak of the Cloudbourne

The Giant Wars were little more than skirmishes over territory that amounted to little. For centuries, the Giants and the Elves fought over the border between the Elven Forest and the Neither Tundra, battles occurring and then silence for years. In 3500 IM, this pattern began to change under the leadership of Prince Krojak of the Cloudbourne.

Under the direction of his father, Krojak amassed an army, mainly of Cloud Giants but others joined the ranks as well. Quickly this group became well-known as they forced battles multiple times a month, breaking the ebb and flow of battle the Knights of Yggdrasil had become used to. This army forced an offensive against the northern border of the Elven Forest, pushing the Elves back further than ever before.

Prince Krojak's offensive was the most successful of the Giants' attempts at gaining ground in the Elven Forest. His goal was to push forward and take Yllvalion, a strategic point that would allow his army greater access to the Elven Forest and the "Metallic Council" while still remaining defensible. His efforts were heavily rewarded as village after village, outpost after outpost, fell before him and his army. His march would continue until he met Alaric Ylyndar on the banks of the Eye of Kallex.

— Volume V of the Yllvalion Codex, The Giant Wars
  Krojak, son of the Giant King, was blessed with great strength and intellect in battle that was not common amongst the Cloud Giants. Under his leadership, an army began to change the tides of the Giant Wars in favor of the Giants, securing territory that would expand the Kingdom of Giants. His plan was seen as foolproof, the Elves too weak to counter his army, but his plan would fail during the Battle of Krojak's End.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Krojak was born one of many brothers, but it was evident soon after his birth that he was the strongest and possibly the smartest of the group although Giants were not the most known for their intellect. His father, the Giant King, saw these useless siblings as a way to test Krojak's strength and to train him in the many fighting techniques that the Giants used.   As Krojak grew up, he would often spend his days beating on his siblings, showing off the great strength he had. Others of the Cloud Giants would gift him clubs and other weapons to practice with, watching as he inflicted harm upon his siblings. It was no secret early on that the Giant King had chosen this son to become the Giant Prince and to someday serve as King.   By his twentieth year, Krojak's strength had grown exponentially. It was no longer simply picking on his siblings and dealing superficial wounds. He chose to actively search out his siblings, even those that had left the area inhabited by the Cloud Giants, and killed them, asserting his place as the Giant Prince. With multiple kills beneath his belt, few would question Krojak as death was the way of the Giants, conquering through a great number of casualties.  

The Giant Wars

Northern Outposts
The snowy lands of the Northern Outposts on the border of the Neither Tundra are inhabited by Elves, but the Giants of the north have been known to encroach on the territory of the Elven Kingdom when the need arises.
The Giant Wars began long before Krojak was born, small battles between the Giants and Elves and then years of silence. The Giants saw the land south of the Neither Tundra as their right, but the Elves saw this as encroachment, continuously trying to push the Giants back. This ebb and flow of battle continued along the border of the Neither Tundra, drawing the Clay Giants and Humans into the fray as well, but the Giants bullied the Elves harder, hoping to take strategic resources and forcing the fair folk out.   As the small skirmishes continued, the Giant King saw potential in Krojak, the potential to push the Elves harder than they ever had. A war of attrition could easily be won by the Giants with much smaller numbers. Krojak was directed to gather an army within the next year, taking whatever weapons and stores were needed for his march on Yllvalion.   In 3500 IM, Krojak would force an offensive against the northern border of the Elven Forest with the goal being to capture the citadel of Yllvalion. Such an offensive would force the Elves' hand, requiring all their resources to turn back the Giant Prince.

Krojak's End

Krojak's campaign to the citadel of Yllvalion had been successful, driving the Elves out of many of the villages and outposts of the Northern Outposts. Small battles were fought, burning buildings and swathes of land, turning parts of the forest into a wasteland. Krojak had hoped for one more battle to kill whatever morale the Knights of Yggdrasil had left before they watched as he razed their perfect city. He would meet his match on that battlefield.   The Knights of Yggdrasil had planned to make a last stand on the banks of the Eye of Kallex, the last remaining barrier between the Giants and Yllvalion. With their backs against the river, the Paladins had placed themselves in a position that granted the Giants every advantage and allowing themselves no escape. From this advantageous position, the Giants sieged the area for multiple days, the casualties on both sides growing by the hour.   As the ninth day of the battle dawned, Krojak believed he had victory in his grasp. With nearly half of the Paladins' forces decimated, it would be simple to wipe out the remainder and move on to Yllvalion. As Krojak battled the Elves and killed many, the Giant Prince was approached by Alaric Ylyndar. While the Elf wielded a magic sword, Krojak saw this as a fool's move, knowing he could slay the man easily.   The Giant Prince Krojak underestimated both the man and the wolf he rode. With a mighty yell, Krojak attempted to attack the man but was quickly bitten by the wolf, his attention leaving the sword in Alaric's hand. A powerful blast of magic surrounded them, shattering the giant claymore carried by the Giant Prince and killing him with its power. With the death of the Giant Prince, the Giant Wars ended as the Cloud Giants left in shame. As history continued on, the only remnants of the Giant Prince were a shattered sword and a village and battle that bore his name.  
Krojak's End
Art of the Giant Prince's shattered sword has become more common since the days of the Giant Wars. The item is a central piece of the village of Krojak's End and marks a large victory for the Northern Outposts against those that wished to steal their homeland.
3259 IM 3500 IM -241 years old
Dark grey
Short, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark blue, purplish
Aligned Organization

Character Portrait image: Krojak by Model via Heroforge, created by RiverFang


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