Isekai Krojak's End

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Krojak's End

Military action

3500 IM

After 500 years of skirmishes and small battles, the Giant Wars would finally come to an end at Krojak's End. The prince of the Cloud Giants, Krojak, led a campaign against the northern border of the Elven Forest that raged throughout the winter. Many lost their lives, eventually leading to the Knights of Yggdrasil making a last stand.   The leader of the Knights of Yggdrasil made a stand against the Giant prince using a blade enchanted by the Elven King. With a powerful blow, the Elf struck down the Giant, essentially ending the Giant Wars. Since this victory, the Giants have not strayed far out of the Neither Tundra, but it is said that eventually they will attempt to spread across the world again.

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Krojak's End
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