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White Magic

Academic Magic

Light begins as a bright, white existence. In its purest form, it contains aspects of all colors that exist and through its interaction with the natural environment, we are able to see those things that have a reflective quality in tune with specific aspects of the white light. This phenomenon is known as color. The same is true of magic, all magical energy begins its existence as a pure substance that has limitless potential and its characteristics are all-encompassing, some would identify this as divine in nature while others would cite it as the ultimate malleability or the perfect substance. The limitation of such a substance is found in the extent of one's understanding.

— Chapter 4 of The Spectrum of Magic, Colors of Magic


Method of Acquiring

White Magic is acquired through memorization and study. The most widely accepted method of acquiring these spells is to study under the tutelage of a skilled spell caster or by reading spell books. Memorization is highly important as even minor mistakes can cause these spells to become inert or backfire completely. Many spellcasters that practice White Magic will take to creating their own tomes or spellbooks so that they can consult it often, some even going as far as to read directly from their inscriptions to ensure maximum accuracy. Due to the purely intellectual nature of White Magic, it can be wielded by those that are physically weak to great degrees.  

Method of Use

White Magic is primarily invoked through the use of vocalizations and somatic components while the user wields an arcane focus. Spells must be recited at an audible level with appropriate gestures to satisfy the requirements of the spell. While particularly skilled casters may shorten or modify spells it will generally incur a weakening of the spell or it losing any additional effects that it may have in favor of its primary outcome. While not as common, spells can also be activated using runes and text on an object to cast a spell remotely or over great distances. This is the manner in which many magical objects are enchanted by Dwarven craftsmen.  


White Magic is considered a balanced color with a variety of spells to address diverse situations. It has no focus on offense, defense, utility, or healing, though its diversity and long catalog of known spells in the world could be considered a focus on diversity itself. There are a plethora of ways to attack using elemental and arcane energies in addition to using said energies for defensive purposes or summoning. While not particularly adept at healing, White Magic has support and healing spells that focus on knowledge of the target's physiology to induce or counteract the desired effect. In this respect, the more educated the user the more effective White Magic can be at support through healing or curing status conditions.

Metaphysical, Arcane
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White Magic has gone under two popular names, the first being true magic and the second being academic magic. Despite this, White Magic would not be widely practiced by most of the initial races of Isekai, save for Djinn. The reason being that it is not a readily accessible or easily found form of magic. White Magic requires academic pursuit, revolving around the practice of study and memorization in order to harness the natural energy of the world. The knowledge revolving around this slowly solidified as more and more creatures spread throughout the world with some brilliant minds making discoveries and some cunning minds uncovering guarded secrets.   White Magic became a formal practice among the mortal species with the founding of the first magic academy, the Unending Scroll in 198,000 IM where the first usage of the term Academic Magic was used. At this point in time, The Spectrum of Magic was not a discussed theory though it was still asserted at this early stage that all magic could be learned. Knowledge being the pinnacle of power was a huge focus in the early years of the academy, some practitioners still believe that there is a way to learn a White Magic spell that can do anything imaginable though such a claim has yet to be demonstrated.

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