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The Spectrum of Magic

Spellbook of the Human Empire

A scholarly text produced by the Headmaster of Starlit Academy, the most notable academy for magic in the Human Empire, under the authorship of Alexander Cross. This book is said to have thousands upon thousands of pages while retaining the appearance of a book no larger than a common dictionary. While some might call this a manual it is closer to a largely philosophical and scientific thesis on the nature and classification of magic as a whole. This book takes great pain to explain and classify magic in general and by spell in terms that the novice Wizard can understand. The main message of this manual is that addressing magic according to schools is an outdated notion that is best left to history books due to observable facts. Magic in its purest essence is described in this book as white light while spells and techniques that shape raw magical energy function in a similar way to a prism that divides white light into focused colors to yield a specific effect.   This assertion has been considered both groundbreaking and laughable to varying members of magical society but has nonetheless impacted how the Human Empire understands and categorizes magic. This has also led to a classification of Mages beyond the likes of Sorcerers, Wizards and Warlocks as the latter pages of this document are lent to the categorization of affixing a color to a Mage to denote their specialties in much the same fashion that a specific school has been used in the past such as Necromancer, Evoker, Alchemist and the like. These colors are explained through the use of specific spells, historical practitioners, intent, emotions, and a plethora of other criteria for establishing what color an instance of magic should be considered and how certain spells can and cannot fall into a given color.


To expand on the theory of classification for magic, spells, phenomenon, and practitioners while expanding upon base knowledge as spells become available. Readers should consult this manual to find enlightenment on the classification and nature of magic in the general and specific sense. It has been noted that this publication is a great aid to those that have the ability to sculpt their own spells and dabble in things that are less known to the general population. The Spectrum of Magic goes into such detail in describing philosophies of magic and individual spells that many at the academy, Starlit Tower, believe it to be a copy of the personal spellbook of Alexander Cross.   An abbreviated copy of this book, that omits most of the spell procedures is provided to all new students that join the academy and is a main part of their philosophical classes throughout their careers. This book is often updated to include new spell discussion, modern casters, and instances of the Black Children that exhibit uncanny or previously unknown magical abilities. While not used widely outside of the Human Empire there are few Scholars of magic in the modern-day that haven't at least heard of the Spectrum of Magic.

Document Structure


Philosophy of Magic, a general overview of the history and attitude with which magic is approached by various races with a primary focus on the Human Empire. This section is reflective and hypothetical in many instances as it is delivered using a first-person narrative with the structure of a textbook as it goes over the cultural attitude that spellcasters approach magic with. The point of greatest emphasis in this section is the vast nature of magic, its type, and how the user specifically shapes or changes magic when they wield it in line with their intent. This is the section that defines and talks about the concept of magic as being similar to a light spectrum as well.   Colors of Magic, a breakdown of the classification system that the book will use. It divides magic into several different colors based on functionality, emotion, intent, and method of application. These four aspects are brought up to discuss each type of magic as the book introduces each color of which there are currently five primary colors, three secondary colors, and six minor colors in the current version with a note that other colors may yet be undiscovered in the vast world.   Spell Listing, a comprehensive spell listing that is laid out much like a Wizard's spell book. In the abbreviated version, this is merely a listing with a generic description of the spell and a source where the spell can be obtained in the library of the Starlit Tower.   Noteable Casters and their Classifications, is a section that dedicates a page to notable casters of the current era dating back 100 years and cataloging Wizards, Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Mages that fit a specific color of magic as an example. Casters in this area are given an entry much like an encyclopedia though the listing only covers individuals that have interacted with the Human Empire during the time that Alexander Cross has been the Headmaster at the academy.


Various entries, books, spells, and research contained within the libraries of the Starlit Academy are referenced in the abbreviated versions of the book.
Manual, Magical / Occult
Authoring Date

Public Reaction

The initial public reaction to this publication was one of mixed confusion and skepticism. Over time and due to the author's position as Headmaster of the pinnacle of arcane education in the Human Empire it has come to be accepted as a 'new age' of understanding with Scholars that live within the empire.

Publication Status

The abbreviated version is only available to students that have been accepted into the academy at Starlit Tower, more complete copies can be obtained with the permission of the Headmaster though they seldom leave the academy. The full version of the book has never been made publically available which is what leads most to assume it is Alexander Cross' personal spellbook.


Author's Notes

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Sounds fascinating and I like the fact that some of its theories and contents are universal. The existence of an abbreviated version is great.

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