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Yggdrasil Letter

Legacy of Eldrin Ylyndar

The faint scratching of quill on parchment echoes as the wavering light flickers across the old man's face. For hours, he's sat at his desk, writing and scratching, tossing page after page into the fire roaring in the hearth. For one of the fair folk so often full of delicate words and intricate phrases, he cannot find the right words to explain his legacy, the words that will be the future of his children and his children's children. With all the elegance of the Elvish script, he struggles to bring forth the words that are in his heart.   Hours later as the candle has burned down and the hearth is full of nothing but a smoldering pile of failed attempts, he places the quill against the worn wood of the desk top, ink well nearly empty while the page is full of his heart. Centuries of teaching, of conflict, of resolution, found their way from his hand to fruition, a letter of explanation, of instruction, to those that would follow behind him. With the last flames of the candle, he melts the wax and forms the seal, the parchment closed with a final touch of his ring.   Years after the passing of Eldrin Ylyndar, the conclusion of that laborous night would be found tucked in the library of the Ylmaris Citadel by Eldrin's grandson, Alaric. With his grandfather's words close at hand, Alaric Ylyndar would lead the Knights of Yggdrasil and his clan to their future, one that was believed in and made possible by a lonely letter that would become known as the Yggdrasil Letter.


The purpose of the letter was to leave various bits of knowledge and wise teachings that Eldrin Ylyndar had gathered over the centuries to the next generations. He had intended the letter to be found soon after his passing by his son, but it was found nearly a decade after he passed by his grandson, Alaric Ylyndar.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

For the Knights of Yggdrasil, the letter gave a solid foundation upon which their faith build, giving them tenets which they should follow in order to uphold the oath that they swore. The letter was seen as the centerpiece of the organization, everything about being a Knight of the Order that one should follow.   For the Ylyndar Clan, the letter gave some much needed guidance. In the years after Eldrin's passing, it seemed as if the clan and the Knights were just existing, a far cry from the organizations of old that were led with integrity and wisdom. This letter gave Alaric Ylyndar a basis for which to move forward with as he became the leader of the clan and eventually the savior of the Northern Outposts.
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Aug 16, 2021 14:51 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

What a beautiful letter. I can imagine those words inspired Alaric greatly.

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