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Eldrin Ylyndar

Founder of the Knights of Yggdrasil, Patriarch of the Ylyndar Clan Eldrin Ylyndar

We must be steadfast in our hope or the northern reaches will tear it from us, like the giants have done to our brethren in the past. We are the Knights of Yggdrasil, we stand as the last defense on the edge of the Neither Tundra.
— Eldrin Ylyndar, founder of the Knights of Yggdrasil
  On the edge of the Neither Tundra, where the air grows chill with the snows of the north and creatures deadly roam, rests a city and its castle, Yllvalion⁣, nestled against the peaks of the Spine of Kallex⁣. The city and the fortress within are one of the greatest commissions of the Elven King Cyllin, a glorious city of white stone that could stand the test of time and survive centuries on the edge of possibly the harshest environment in Vóreios. Along with the city came the Northern Outposts, a network of cities and outposts that created the border between the land of the Giants in the north, and the land of the Elves in the south.   King Cyllin also commissioned the Knights of Yggdrasil, a Paladin order specifically trained for the eventuality of a battle with the Giants. These Paladins called this white city their home, but even King Cyllin, with his grand artistic commissions and his power over the Elven Forest could not bring the hope needed to the north for those who resided there to survive the winter, let alone an attack from the Giants.   In his commissioning of the Knights, King Cyllin named one man as its leader, creating a family's lifetime of dedication to the Elven Kingdom and the protection of those on its fringes and deep within the forest. Eldrin Ylyndar, patriarch of the Ylyndar Clan took up a mantle that would define his family for centuries, he created hope where none existed in the north.   Eldrin Ylyndar swore an oath, to the King, to his people, to all who wished for the safety of the walls of Yllvalion. The name Ylyndar and the Knights of Yggdrasil would stand as a beacon of hope on the dark edge of the Neither Tundra. He hoped that the order could be the color in the world that people craved against the white blanket of their homeland. With the blessing of the Metallic Dragons, Yllvalion and its family became a safe haven.   While the presence of the Dragons deterred the Giants from declaring war, those of the Northern Outposts faced other hardships throughout the first year. Harsh snow storms, dangerous creatures, and all other manner of problems plagued the fledgling order and its city. Eldrin established the Snowfell, creating some relief from the deep snows that fell.   The elder man was known for his charity and his teachings, he involved himself greatly with the teaching of his fledgling order. He ruled his city and his order justly, slowly bringing his children in to help teach and lead. The legacy of Eldrin Ylyndar and his children is what has kept the clan leading the order with such hope and charity at the forefront of the organization.   While Eldrin did not live long enough to see the Giant Wars, already far into his later centuries when named the head of the order by King Cyllin, his teachings live on in the tenets of the Knights of Yggdrasil, serving as the central basis for everything they do. His parting words to his family stand firm as the central tenet of their faith.  
Everything is for the People, by the Order
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
5600 IM 4735 IM 865 years old
Long, silver
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6' 5"
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Character Portrait image: Eldrin Ylyndar by Portrait via Portrait Workshop, created by RiverFang


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