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Dire Wolves

Oversized Wolves of the Forest

Roaming all places of the north except where the Dragons call home, Dire Wolves are the largest predator in the northern reaches, roaming throughout the Elven Forest and the Neither Tundra as they see fit. Nothing dares fight against such a creature, instead choosing to skirt its path, staying as far away as possible from the large teeth that fills its maw.

These creatures are far larger than other wolves, weighing often more than two hundred pounds and standing nearly as tall or taller than a Halfling at the shoulder. It is believed that one of these wolves could consume an entire Aelinor Elk within minutes, cleaning the bones completely.

Even so, these creatures are majestic and have come to be a symbol of various groups throughout the north of the Elven Forest. The most notable of these being the Knights of Yggdrasil who were once graced with the presence of a great dire wolf alongside their leader many years ago.

— Appendix C of the Yllvalion Codex, Flora & Fauna of the Elven Forest
  Dire Wolves are considered the fiercest predator of the northern areas of Vóreios. Possibly influenced by the magic of the Elven Forest, these creatures have grown larger than standard wolves and have no predators to speak of, although they are highly afraid of Dragons. In some areas, Dire Wolves have become a nuisance, but are difficult to track and remove from an area.

Basic Information


Dire Wolves are extremely similar to other wolves that roam the area, but these creatures are much larger, often dwarfing other creatures in the north. In most instances, Dire Wolves are six to 10 inches longer and taller than other wolves, weigh almost twice as much, and have large skulls that can reach up to twelve inches in length.   The teeth of these creatures are larger and more robust than other wolves, allowing them to attack prey that other predators may not. Larger prey animals such as Tatanka could easily be taken down by a Dire Wolf due to their size as well as their large, sharp teeth.

Ecology and Habitats

The most common habitat of these creatures is the northern areas of Vóreios, often on the fringes between the Elven Forest and the Neither Tundra. Here, the landscape allows these creatures to hide their large figures as well as supports the larger prey animals that these wolves often feed on.

Additional Information


Dire Wolves are not commonly domesticated as their size makes this rather difficult. They are considered one of the most dangerous predators in the northern reaches of Vóreios and are meant to be skirted around quietly if met. That being said, there have been a number of instances throughout history of members of the Knights of Yggdrasil domesticating these creatures and keeping them as pets. The most famous of these creatures is Ylmari the White who assisted during the final battle of the Giant Wars.
Dire Wolf
Dire Wolves are extremely large creatures that live in the northern areas of Vóreios. They often frequent areas with large amounts of prey and cover, allowing them to hide their hulking forms while they hunt.
Scientific Name
Canis dirus
14 years
Average Height
38 to 42 inches at the shoulder
Average Weight
200 lbs
Average Length
69 to 73 inches
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


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