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Language of the Dragons

Written by Shiftrex

A language that is widely popular due to the race it is associated with but is seldom known fluently, rather it is used as decoration, or single words are used. Speakers of this language are primarily Dragons or Dragonkin though Clerics of Kallex and those that live near the northern half of the Spine of Kallex also commonly speak this language. Other speakers would likely know this language due to personal interest or because there is a Dragon that lives in their immediate area. The script for Draconic looks as if it was made by the deft movements of a single claw and it is often used for ceremonial decoration and magical script.   The earliest appearance of this language coincides with the appearance of Dragons on Isekai, it is said that Dragons were born with an innate knowledge of their sophisticated language that was inherited from Kallex himself. The Draconic language uses snaps, snarls, and many sounds that are more comfortably made by creatures that possess long teeth or maws. Volume is used as an indicator of context and can change the entire meaning of the spoken language if used in the wrong place. Because of this, the Draconic language is difficult to master as a spoken language and requires years of practical application to speak properly. This language has a large presence in every part of the world because Dragons are found in every environment in the world, on and under both continents of Isekai as well as under the water.    The advantage of speaking this language is that it bridges the gap between you and a Metallic Dragon, making them more amicable to discuss a situation rather than simply making a decision that you are excepted to follow. The Draconic language commands respect, most animals will act wary if you can speak the language and may approach you with more caution or decide to leave you alone entirely. Even speaking Draconic in the presence of a Chromatic Dragon may allow you to stall for time, evil Dragons seem to enjoy discourse with creatures in their own language and the vain members of the species receive compliments especially well under these circumstances. A word of caution must be advised, while discourse or discussion with a peaceful Dragon in their own language may be well received an aggressive or evil Dragon could also take hearing their own language from a different species as an insult and become more hostile.

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9 Sep, 2021 16:47

I like that speaking Draconic to a chromatic dragon will either be a reason to be curious or a reason to murder you.

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