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Adamantine Dragons

Secret tunnels hide in the labyrinth of Káto, keeping secrets that even the Matron Mothers of the city close by do not know. The winding, twisting routes of this land hide so many things, horrible creatures, and monoliths of power, but the biggest secrets are found in the form of hoards and strongholds, carved into cavern walls away from the prying eyes of those that would test the might of a Dragon to steal their wealth. Some do not realize that the Dragons that call these dark halls their home are not the same as those that live on the surface. If there ever was the perfect predator of the depths, it would be these Dragons.   Adamantine Dragons are often known as the Dragons of Káto, their lithe bodies allowing them unhindered movement through the tight tunnels. Created by Kallex as one of the Divine Races, these Dragons live lengthy lives, although they are still mortal. The thundering personification of the precious metal Adamantite are often considered the strongest of the Metallic Dragons due to the chaos of their homeland. This was only one blessing the Dragon God Kallex granted to them, but this set them apart from the other Dragons that call the skies home.   Currently, these Dragons can only be found in the caverns and tunnels of Káto. Due to their size and strength, these Dragons are rarely in territorial disputes with other creatures, but some of the horrors of the farthest depths challenge them throughout the years. While the Adamantine Dragons rarely leave their homeland, they often keep homes in the "Metallic Council" as well for the times they wish to mingle with their own kind.

Basic Information


All Dragons share anatomical traits such as long tails, large wings, four legs, hard scales, and sharp claws. From there, various anatomical traits vary due to the coloration and abilities of the various colors of Dragons. Traits such as head shape, horns, scale patterns, and internal organs can all vary based on a Dragon's color.   Adamantine Dragons are known for horns that are "slicked back", keeping their bodies streamlined so that they can move freely and safely through the tunnels of Káto. Ancient Adamantine Dragons have a great number of horns and spines down their neck and back that continue to grow and appear as they age. Sharp, pointed scales on their underbelly as well as near the spines on their back set these Dragons apart.   Common Colorations

Common Colorations

Adamantine Dragons come in many shades of Adamantite, from the lighter colors of less pure ore to the darkest shades of the purest ore found in the world. Metallic Dragons have a much smaller range in their coloration than Chromatic Dragons as Metallic Dragons were created from the metal they were named after. The color of their eyes has a much smaller range, often only being yellow, brown, red, green, grey, or purple.  

Scale Colors


Eye Colors


Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As children of Kallex, all Metallic Dragons are blessed with special abilities, some that all share while others set them apart from their brethren. These Dragons can see through all darkness, even darkness that has been created magically. As the apex predator, they also have superior senses that allow them to hunt and take whatever it is they wish. Beyond these traits, each color of Metallic Dragon has a number of special traits that are considered blessings.   Adamantine Dragons are considered to be the strongest of all Metallic Dragons, granted a strength that almost rivals that of Kallex himself. This great strength makes these Dragons a dangerous ally against the more horrific creatures that call Káto home, often causing them to be in a position of assistance to the Silver Elves and Gem Dwarves that call the area home. These Dragons also have various traits that come from their homeland, including thicker scales that protect them from the chill of the tunnels as well as the increased danger, longer bodies, and eyes that can easily shift between constant dark and constant light.

Civilization and Culture


Adamantine Dragon Egg
It is believed that the molten balls of ore that Kallex hurled to the surface of Isekai to create the Metallic Dragons were nothing more than barely shaped lumps, but this is far from the truth. Bathed in the Dragon God's fire, the ores turned into beautiful eggs that were breathtaking gemstones.   Adamantine Dragons are hailed as having the most gemstone-like egg, even while covered with multiple scales. These scales are thin and translucent, allowing the color of the gemstone beneath to shine through.
The twelve colors of Metallic Dragons were created together, Kallex choosing to shape them from the metals of the land after witnessing Sotark and Ivala shape the Sphinxes and watching the fledgling creatures roam the land. The Sphinxes lacked spine and motivation, so under the fiery breath of the Dragon God, twelve eggs of metal ores were shaped and cast down to the land of Isekai where they would rest in a valley until they hatched.   This valley would become known as the "Metallic Council" and its inhabitants would soon become symbols of power and majesty to the peoples that came after them. The twelve Dragons set about the Northern Continent, claiming areas of their own that would be protected against the worst of creatures. One would have to brave the depths of the world and be surrounded by the most horrid of creatures, a job not taken lightly. As Kallex granted their blessings, it would be clear who would enter the darkest depths.   The Adamantine Dragon manifested his blessing as strength and the ability to survive the worst parts of the world. These abilities allowed them to humble the depths and deal with the creatures that had yet to be exposed to anything of equal strength. During Kallex's visits to Káto, he taught the Adamantine Dragon how to carve his hoard into the wall of the cavern, hiding it from prying eyes, while also using the created tunnels to move through the depths unseen. This would aid in protecting those that would come to these dark areas in the coming years.   Historically, an Adamantine Dragon has offered protection to the many cities that appear throughout the tunnels and caverns of Káto. The Silver Elves often leave these Dragons to their own devices, not pushing into their territory, while the Gem Dwarves add to the Dragon's hoard, making the distance between the city and the Dragon's home worth the travel. Unless offering protection, these Dragons are elusive and hard to find, even for those that may have an idea of such a creature's movements. It is not often one finds an Adamantine Dragon as the Dragon will often find you.
Adamantine Dragon
Adamantine Dragons are considered a rare color of Metallic Dragon due to their love for living in the tunnels and caves of Káto. These Dragons often prefer the depths where Adamantite is plentiful and they can keep their hoards in peace.
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Divine Races

Social Structure

Metallic Dragons are far different than their Chromatic brethren in terms of their social structure. These Dragons are the more social of the two groups, caring little about the color of their scales and mingling, often living close together. Various colors of Metallic Dragons will become friends and share their fledgling years together after hatching in the "Metallic Council". Dragon eggs of the Metallic Dragons are rarely raised by one color, instead being raised by a collective of Metallic Dragons that call the valley home.   While a well-structured group, the Council of Metallic Dragons serves multiple purposes. Mainly, the council makes decisions for the whole of Metallic Dragons, creating laws and guidelines that allow them to live peacefully with other races. The council also serves as a place for camaraderie, where all colors can join together for business and pleasure, enjoying the company of old friends and new.   Because of the social nature of these Dragons, it is more common to find Metallic Dragons visiting and mingling with the Elder Races when possible. This is not always the case with Adamantine Dragons as they often live in secluded and unpopulated areas of Káto where they can have a large territory and hoard. Lesser Dragonkin, especially @adama, may live in these areas but Adamantine Dragons live lives of solitude, except when they travel away from their homes to mingle in the "Metallic Council".


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