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Matron Mother

Leaders of Silver Elf Society

Atop a silver throne sits a poised and silent woman, her family kneeling before her in hopes of seeing her benevolent side, instead of one of malice. In her place upon the throne, she expects full submission of those that bear her name, her words will not be questioned, no matter how wrong or twisted they may be. The woman who sits atop a throne built upon the blood of those she removed from her path is a Matron Mother of Káto, the matriarch of a family built on nothing more than blood and lies.   A Matron Mother of Káto serves as the matriarch of one of the noble families in a Silver Elf city. It is her duty to build her family to a place of power, through lies, blood, and benevolence alone. Through her efforts, her family and house may rise to the ranks of the city's ruling council, a status of royalty that is hard-fought and hard-won when the women who fill these ranks live for centuries. If a new house enters these ranks with a domineering matron, then the malice of the matron far outweighs the benevolence.   These women lead their houses through the greatest and worst of times, wars and house feuds that often can only end in bloodshed. Beyond the matriarch, these women are strategists and military generals, moving their houses and people like pawns on a chessboard. Even so, to outsiders, they are nothing more than the women that lead their houses.
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Oct 22, 2020 13:06 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

The matron mothers scare me a bit. I wouldn't want to cross them!

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