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Bronze Dragonkin

Descendants of Bronze Dragons

Shining scales quickly move up the mast to the crow's nest, scouting ahead with a gleaming spyglass in hand. Few choose to take this job as the heights and dangerous nature of climbing so high up, but her claws help her move quicker, reaching the top and viewing the ocean with a sense of wonder. Two others who share her scales move on the deck below, pulling in nets, preparing ropes, and doing the daily duties that are as normal as breathing to them. Life on the sea is all they ever asked for, a life that fulfills everything they need.   Bronze Dragonkin are the descendants of one of the Elder Races and a Bronze Dragon. Much like their ancestors, these people are seafarers, loving the sea and the freedom it brings. Their bodies are attuned to the raging waves and changing temperatures, muscles flexing with every stroke as they swim, as fast as the Obsidea and Merfolk that live beneath the ways. As long as they are near the sea, they are happy and content, all things fulfilled.   Above all, these people believe in service. The Council of Metallic Dragons has proven that they can make a difference, no matter how small, no matter where. Metallic Dragonkin follow in the footsteps of their ancestors, each in a different way. Bronze Dragonkin live on the sea, using their abilities and knowledge of the open water to serve as sailors, merchants, and protectors of those that sail. They find solace in this life, much like many others that choose the waves over the solidarity of land.

Basic Information


Bronze Dragonkin share some specific traits with their Draconic ancestors that prove their ties to the Bronze Dragons. Their facial features are softer than other Dragonkin, defined on the jawline by large protruding spikes and a ribbed crest on their head. A smaller set of horns, a ridged tail, and smaller muscular bodies are also common in Bronze Dragonkin.   All Dragonkin inherit sharp claws, extremely strong and protective scales, as well as a breath weapon that they can use. Some of these traits are affected by the colo5r of the Dragonkin as the many varieties of Dragons also vary greatly in their abilities. Bronze Dragonkin often have a resistance to extreme temperatures of water while their breath weapon creates a wave of scalding water that can burn enemies. Bronze Dragonkin are also adept swimmers that can keep up with water dwellers.   Common Colorations

Common Colorations

While their coloration is in their name, Bronze Dragonkin can still come in a variety of shades, matching the shades found in the scales of Bronze Dragons. Their scales can range from a lighter bronze color to a darker bronze, but their range of color is not as large as the Chromatic Dragonkin. The color of their eyes has a much smaller range, often only being yellow, brown, red, green, grey, or purple.  

Scale Colors


Eye Colors


Additional Information

Social Structure

Metallic Dragonkin are considered the more social of the two groups of Dragonkin, although this is greatly influenced by the stigmas that surround certain colors of scales. Bronze Dragonkin are often seafarers, choosing to live lives on the sea much like the Bronze Dragons. They serve as sailors, merchants, and even guards for a variety of companies that travel the high seas with treasure, goods, and important people. Rarely do they choose to live a life on land, but when they do, they must live near the coast so that their true love the sea is always in view.   The Fearsome Maw has a large population of Bronze Dragonkin due to its location near the coast of Ullindar, but few of these people reside here year-round. Those that do not wish to make their homes in other coastal cities will claim homes in their district of the Fearsome Maw so they have someplace to call their own should they choose to take a break from sailing. While this is uncommon, all who wish are allowed to have a home in this area of the Dragonkin city.
Bronze Dragonkin
Descended from the sea-faring Bronze Dragon, they have bodies well suited for the rigors of ocean life and can keep up with other aquatic races while underwater.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Draconic Ancestry
120 years
Average Height
4 - 7 feet tall
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