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Mercury Dragonkin

Descendants of Mercury Dragons

Miniatures of crates and other goods rest on a map, each placed with precision to determine how best to pack the depicted trade vessel for travel. In another corner of the room, rolled plans sit in named cabinets, each marked with descriptions in perfectly spaced words written in Draconic. The office is immaculate, kept so for the next large project, the next level of planning. For the woman who works here, everything is in place for her decisions to be made carefully and deliberately.   Mercury Dragonkin are the descendants of one of the Elder Races and a Mercury Dragon. They have the cunning and cleverness of the Mercury Dragons, but their personalities can be much softer as they use their brilliance to serve those whose communities they have joined. It is not uncommon to see them in places of high rank, serving as planners and strategists for all sorts of groups.   Above all else, these people believe in service. The Council of Metallic Dragons has proven that they can make a difference, no matter how small, no matter where. Metallic Dragonkin follow in the footsteps of their ancestors, each in different ways. Mercury Dragonkin plan, serving as strategists and logisticians. No matter the organization or job, these people find their purpose in making decisions and following them through to fruition.

Basic Information


Mercury Dragonkin share some specific traits with their Draconic ancestors that prove their ties to the Mercury Dragons. Their facial features are softer than other Dragonkin, with a jawline that comes to a point, much like a beard. A crest on their head, fin-like ears, a set of horns, and large muscular bodies are also common in Mercury Dragonkin.   All Dragonkin inherit sharp claws, extremely strong and protective scales, as well as a breath weapon that they can use. Some of these traits are affected by the color of the Dragonkin as the many varieties of Dragons also vary greatly in their abilities. Mercury Dragonkin often have a resistance to potent poisons while their breath weapon allows them to create an invisible toxic cloud that can paralyze an enemy without them realizing it.   Common Colorations

Common Colorations

While their coloration is in their name, Mercury Dragonkin can still come in a variety of shades, matching the shades found in the scales of Mercury Dragons. Their scales can range from a lighter mercury color to a darker mercury, but their range of color is not as large as the Chromatic Dragonkin. The color of their eyes has a much smaller range, often only being yellow, brown, red, green, grey, or purple.  

Scale Colors


Eye Colors


Additional Information

Social Structure

Metallic Dragonkin are considered the more social of the two groups of Dragonkin, although this is greatly influenced by the stigmas that surround certain colors of scales. Mercury Dragonkin tend to live in a variety of places throughout the world, including in larger cities and singular villages that are made up of only Mercury Dragonkin. These clever people make their living doing a variety of things, but more often than not, they become planners or strategists for various groups and organizations. Mercury Dragonkin are often trusted over the clever and cunning Chromatic Dragonkin, but both tend to work in tandem well.   A small population of Mercury Dragonkin calls the Fearsome Maw home as their talents are rarely best served by living amongst their own kind. They prefer places where they can ply their craft for years, or at least travel enough to share their knowledge. It is not uncommon to see traveling strategists with mercury-colored scales throughout areas of the Northern Continent and the more civilized areas of the Southern Continent.
Mercury Dragonkin
Descended from the clever Mercury Dragon, they have a keen mind and a potent poison that can render an enemy inert before they realize what has happened.
Draconic Ancestry
120 years
Average Height
4 - 7 feet tall
Related Ethnicities

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