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Human Culture

Way of Life for the Resilient Folk

Danger is a constant word bandied about when a village is surrounded by an infinite sea of grass and the large predators that lurk within its depths. It takes nearly a madman to live in these places, but it takes someone with much more courage to live and thrive in the face of such adversity. Here amongst the waves of Traveler's Grass and hidden from Dinosaurs with thick stone walls are the children of Dern, the Human Empire built on parts courage and insanity.   Humans can be found scattered throughout Isekai, often in the harshest of places and thriving and surviving where others have tried and failed. While the Great Plains is their god-given homeland, they range across the lands and seas, searching for adventure and whatever else tugs at their heart. These people are adventurous, bordering on insane to those that live for centuries. They pack milestones and progression into short lives that are unmatched in history.   The short lives of Humans has never stopped them from progressing. The numbered years have just driven them harder, backed by the sunkissed earth given by Dern and the firearms that no other in Isekai can wield. While they lack in time, they excel in ingenuity, marking a place for themselves amongst the long-lived Elves and Dwarves. No matter where one may find a Human, this culture of adventure and ingenuity follow.


Culture and cultural heritage

Humans are by far one of the most welcoming people and allow whoever wishes to intigrate into parts of their culture. Traditions and their heritage often blur as they grow and change, or when outsiders bring their own ideas. Even the Elves who believe in the fluidity that the Ancient Fey practice do not have a culture nearly as open and welcoming as the Humans.   In one way or another, all Humans, regardless of where they call home, believe in relatively the same thing. While not all Humans fall under the rule of the Human Empire, it is difficult to remove the place of Dern as the father of humanity in the beliefs of any Human.  


All races in Isekai have a set of beliefs that they consider their law. Humans see their law as one of protection that is meant to help those that are weaker.  
  1. Guns will not be sold to or made for non-humans, they just crumble to dust in their hands so it is deemed a waste of resources.
  2. Goblins are never to be spared under any circumstances, they have long plagued our societies and they spring up like rats.
  3. Weaker creatures shall always have shelter with Human settlements, especially those that are related to Humans in any way.
  4. Warlocks that serve the 'Ancient One' are aligned with the ancient Eldritch Horrors, they will receive the highest penalty upon discovery and for this reason, travelers are required to register themselves as magic users when entering cities.
These beliefs drive the Humans and their way of life as they strive to protect their homeland and offer assist to those races in the world that need it most. Even Humans outside of the Human Empire are often driven to help those that need it most.  


Family is seen as a rather fluid concept amongst the Humans. Many races see family as a blood relation that passes down prowess in magic and other qualities but Humans don't necessarily agree with this. Sometimes family is a group of unrelated individuals that have come together to take care of each other, allowing family units that vary greatly.   Names are still important in the Human Empire as there are still noble families, but under the rule of Empress Catherine Nightbreeze, the noble names of old do not necessarily carry the weight they once did. Those in the Empire must build their own name and reputation, it is something rarely given.  

Property & Ownership

Property and ownership are fairly simple in Human society. Individuals, families, and organizations own their own property with few restrictions. These restrictions tend to vary from village to village in the Empire, and are only in place because of the somewhat volatile nature of the Great Plains. Items that can unpredictably produce sparks or fire are often banned, but this rule does not apply to firearms.  

Taboos & Insults

Humans find little to be taboo, even if they are not as outspoken as the Elves and Clay Giants. While they can be rowdy and belligerent, things rarely bother them. How they speak may vary depending on the company as the Humans are often the gentiles and working to please a variety of groups.   The greatest insult to a Human is to insult their short lives.  

Human Culinary Arts

While food production is somewhat difficult in the Great Plains due to the somewhat invasive Traveler's Grass, the Humans have found ways to survive and thrive with their specialty crops. Much of their other food is imported from the Cradle of Clay.  
Root Vegetables
Crops are often difficult to grow outside the walls of cities and villages. With that in mind, Humans cultivated crops that either grew low to the ground or underground. Root and vine vegetables became their specialty as many of these crops were low maintenance and could handle the constant trampling often received by traveling Dinosaurs. Potatoes, carrots, onions, and various squashes are common in Human cuisine.  
Spiked Vodka
Another specialty of the Human Empire is a vodka made from one of their root vegetables. Spiked Vodka is a strong liquor created from carrots and carrot scraps, giving the drink a bright orange color. It is often served with a carrot in a tall glass.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Traditions exist in the culture of Humans, but they are not as deeply ingrained as other races. These people will take and change things to fit their needs, often tossing away antiquated ideals and traditions if the times no longer call for them. As one of the short-lived races, Humans see little need for many of the formalities and traditions that other races hold so dear.  

Clothing & Textiles

Clothing can be used as a great form of expression, varying in color, cut, depth, and type. While Humans do not invest as heavily into clothing as the Elves do, it is still an important part of their culture. Clothing can be comfortable and helpful or decorative and exquisite. It just depends on the individual's preference.  
Dinosaur Hide
Humans are not against using Dinosaur hide in their clothing as sometimes it is easily available. Few others dare to utilize predator pieces in such a way, but armor or other upper layer clothing can be made from the hide and protect from certain injuries, such as cuts, that are common in the Great Plains.  
Imported Cotton
Cotton and other fibers that can be turned into yarn are not common in the Great Plains but can be imported from elsewhere. Because of the climate in the area, Humans prefer cotton over wool and import large amounts of cotton from the Little Greenwood to be woven by artisans in the Human Empire.  

Traditions & Myths

While traditions may not be as important to Humans as to other races, some do still appear mixed into the culture. Oftentimes these traditions revolve around specific events and days but are usually in place to give structure to times that can otherwise devolve into chaos.  
Dinosaur Racing
As the only race that trains Dinosaurs, the racing of these creatures is an inevitable event. Races happen throughout the year and are considered the event of the season, drawing huge cheering crowds to whichever city or village is hosting that day. It is a time to show off the stock that is available for sale, as well as to earn some money through betting.  
The Jiggawot
Myths abound in Isekai, but that of the Jiggawot is one of the most prominent throughout the Human Empire. For many, Jiggawot Day is one of fear, building safety measures against a mythical creature sure to maim or kill anyone that can get their hands on it. For others, it is a day to become a hero, catching the mythical beast and gaining the prize that is said to exist.
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Human Culinary Arts

The Elder Races

The Humans were the second of the Elder Races to walk the land of Isekai, being placed there by the god Dern. This origin and being tied so closely to the earliest races of the world is an integral part of Humans' identity as a race and culture. In many ways, this origin has granted Humans a respect in the world that they normally would not have received due to their short lives.  
Elder Races
Myth | Mar 26, 2022

The Elder Races are the three most prominent creatures that inhabit the physical realm. These races are known as humanoid in nature and each of them has a connection to magic and to the gods that can be traced back to their creation stories.


Naming Traditions

Humans have a wide range in terms of names. As these names are in Common, they are considered simple for other races to pronounce. Even so, spellings and pronounciations vary greatly across the Human Empire, still leaving room for misspellings and mispronounciations.  

Name Generator Coming Soon!


Relations with Other Races

Humans get along best with Elves and Clay Giants. They see Elves as close older siblings and they see Clay Giants as well-meaning but clumsy younger siblings.   During the Eldritch War, Humans detested the Dwarves for their lack of intervention and aid. For many decades, only the Jadeshaper Clan was considered an ally to the Human Empire but the centuries have mended much of the rift. It is still possible to find individual instances of deep hatred for the other race but these are very rare.   Humans have a vendetta against Goblins specifically because of how their settlements have been targeted for raids and kidnappings since the Eldritch War. For this reason, they will have little to no mercy when Goblins are concerned and pursue them as an animal.  

Religious Observance

The Pantheons of Isekai are of extreme importance to all races and cultures, no matter their differences or difficulties. Each culture worships one of the gods as this belief is what allows them to be judged fairly upon their deaths.   The Humans' origin as one of the Elder Races and the children of Dern has caused them to follow the Sun God's word without wavering throughout the millennia. Dern granted them life and the safety of Stronghold, giving little reason to put their faith in any other god.


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