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Society for the Preservation of Historic Vóreios

Written by RiverFang

A small brush dances over delicate and ancient artifacts in a dimly lit room, removing the motes of dust that would blemish the history displayed here. The room is quiet except for the sound of the small brush’s movements, moving through some long-forgotten enchantment to care for the items of lost times that reside in a plane of their own. The museum rests in the same space as the Starlit Tower, but one must travel to another plane to view the rarities that the Society for the Preservation of Historic Vóreios keeps within their grand museum.   Guarded by enchanted armor, the museum holds some of the greatest treasures ever found on Vóreios. In the centuries since its beginning, the organization has strived to save the remnants of lost societies and history that others have wished to erase from the minds of the common folk. These horrid and spectacular events were meant to be locked away and kept hidden only in the histories written by the Metallic Dragons of the North who rarely share their writings with any other than their own race, but the vampire Alexander Cross had other intentions. So the society was created, a safe haven for history that many wished to be erased, surviving tucked away in a plane that only the vampire could control.   In the years since the end of the Eldritch War, Cross and his society have scoured Vóreios for the societies and cultures that once were, the Minotaurs of the Mystic Jungle lost in the desert of the Deadzone, the new cultures that arose out of the ashes or appeared, hardened and war-weary, from their hiding places. While other kingdoms and empires built monuments and museums to their own, the society built one for all races, lost and found, so that the legacies of life from before and after the Eldritch War would never be forgotten.


The Society for the Preservation of Historic Vóreios welcomes members from all cultures that call the Northern Continent their home. It is considered the group of misfits, bringing together those from cultures that are considered children when compared to those of the Elves or even the Fairies. Under the guidance of Alexander Cross, the many races of Vóreios are represented, both in the society’s work and its grand museum.   The main goal of the society is to preserve as much history as possible, often turning their efforts to the fledgling races and cultures that are largely ignored by the various historical societies found on the Northern Continent. This focus allows them to expand the museum and add additional cultures and histories, making it one of the most complete histories of Vóreios and its peoples outside of those kept by the Metallic Dragons.   Alexander Cross also serves as the society’s representative to ASHES, allowing for collaboration with the other historical societies on the continent. Through this work, he helps to expand the museum with histories and artifacts from the much longer lived races. From the stories of Goliaths and the magic of Fairies, the Society for the Preservation of Historic Vóreios leaves little unturned in their search for completeing the world’s history.

Leader Spotlight

Alexander Cross, a well-known magic historian and headmaster of the academy at Starlit Tower, serves as the leader of the Society for the Preservation of Historic Vóreios as well as the society’s representative to the continent’s historical alliance, ASHES. He is a well-read Wizard and known for his intrepretation of the innerworkings of Isekai’s magic.


Founded in 47 E.A by Alexander Cross, the Society for the Preservation of Historic Vóreios became the earliest recognized historical society on the Northern Continent. Within the following years, the Human Empire, the Elven Kingdom, and the Dwarven Kingdom would form their own historical societies, eventually joining together in the alliance known as ASHES. The society also joined the alliance in its early days, but was not considered an equal party to the other kingdoms and empires that had put forth their own societies.   By 60 E.A., Cross had built a small museum in a plane that rested in the same location as the Starlit Tower. This would become the focus of the society in the following years as it strived to grow the museum to encompass as much history as possible. As the Eldritch War grew to a close, the society had saved a great deal of history that could have been lost, but their work was just beginning.   In the centuries following the Eldritch War, the society has attempted to fully document the societies and cultures that were lost to the war and those that were found as the war ended. This search focused more on fledgling cultures, leaving the documenting of the long-lived races to their respective societies, but even those histories were recorded in the ever-growing museum.   As the society became more involved in the alliance, those histories grew and the materials that told them changed. Cross believed in sharing the others’ specialties, showcasing the history of the races through their own methods. Again the museum grew, encompassing millennia of history. For the last two centuries, this work has continued, and with Cross at the helm, the society has no plans of stopping.

All History, Lost or Found

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