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The First Garden

Realm of Lycana

All who enter here must have great respect for the life cycle of nature. For if one does not, they may find themselves consumed by the once serene forest.
— Inscription Above the Door of the Temple Garden in the Southern Library
  Verdant greens stretch as far as the eye can see, blanketing the world in endless vibrant flora. Creatures of all types wander amongst the trees and vines, living out the true nature of the life cycle without the touch of any humanoid. Amongst the flora and fauna she covets, one can find the Goddess of Nature conversing with her children, sharing the secrets of the wind with those that live in her realm.   The First Garden is one of the many endless Celestial Realms, serving as home to all manner of flora and fauna that can be found on the surface of Isekai. Here, these creatures are free from the influence of people, living out the life cycle of the world as intended. Even so, it is common to find Lycana in a glade, speaking with all before the cycle begins anew.

Localized Phenomena

The Elven Forest, the Wandering Forest, and the Forest of Mytos are some of the largest forests in Isekai, but none can compare to the far-reaching greenery that the First Garden is known for. An infinite world of forest and its creatures, Lycana's realm is meant to serve as the perfect home of nature in Isekai.   Those that enter the First Garden will find that they are clothed simply and are granted the claws and teeth to hunt like the predators of the world do. No longer are they simply humanoid creatures, but changed into beast-like creatures that do not disrupt the natural flow of the world.


Within the Forest
The First Garden is a a grouping of many different biomes that grow amazing flora and fauna. Most often, this realm is depicted as a boreal forest, similar to that of the Elven Forest, with similar flora and fauna roaming the lands.
The First Garden can be classified as a boreal forest with millions of flora and fauna that call the forest home. All manners of creatures and plants, no matter their natural habitat in Isekai, can find some part of the forest to call home.   Various parts of the garden have changed to represent the various types of forests on Isekai, including tropical and temperate forests as well. While Lycana could declare all life able to live in her perfect forest, she has chosen to change parts of her realm so that all creatures are welcome.   Temperature and humidity are dictated by the forest biome of the area, but the goddess has been known to make changes to aspects of the climate when necessary. These changes help to regulate the biome and keep the cycle of life flowing as it would in nature. This means thunderstorms and other disasters as created as the goddess sees fit.   That being said, Lycana is said to be a benevolent goddess, never forcing great hardship upon those in her realm unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes the cycle of life dictates a harsh reality that must occur so that the cycle can continue, but she wishes it did not always have to be so.   Notations in the repository of the Sphinxes have noted major disasters such as devastating floods and large tornados having occurred throughout the realm. Each of these is followed by a time of peace as it is said that Lycana mourns the death of each creature in her realm like a friend, having known them for their entire life.   These events are rare, but often cause a shift in the realm as the goddess works through her grief. Creatures that would often be considered predator and prey gather at the Temple of the Evergreen Forest to console the goddess and offer companionship in her time of need.
Temple of the Evergreen Forest
Known as the Temple of the Evergreen Forest, this structure is one of many in the First Garden that serves as home to Lycana. This temple also serves as the gateway between this realm and the Southern Library.   Decorated in stunning flowers and specialty fae lights created by the Fairies, this temple is befitting of the Goddess of Nature.
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Cover image: Celestial Realms Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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