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The Twilight Wilderness

Realm of the Huntress

All who enter here must respect the ritual of the hunt and understand that vengeance is sometimes necessary. For if one does not except these terms, they shall be lost to the twilight, wandering forever more.
— Inscription Above the Door of the Temple Wilderness in the Southern Library
  A forest trapped in twilight, a sky a deep purple waiting to turn into the inky blackness of the night but never reaching that point. Pinpricks of light on the horizon signal the rising stars that will never reach the apex of the sky, trapped between the tree trunks as if glaring out into the night. Within this forest, the day will never dawn and the night will never come, remaining in a perpetual twilight that encompasses all in the Twilight Wilderness.   The Twilight Wilderness is one of the many endless Celestial Realms, serving as home to all manner of flora and fauna that can be found within the lands of Isekai. Similar to the First Garden, this forest is trapped in permanent twilight, encapsulating the land and allowing the creatures of the night and the Below to live here as well. Here, the hunt is a way of life, a cycle of tracking and killing that repeats as necessary. The Huntress leads her hunting parties, often leaving her will of vengeance behind.

Localized Phenomena

In many ways, the Twilight Wilderness is identical to the First Garden. When creating the realm, the Huntress modeled her home after that of her sister, but chose to be enveloped in perpetual twilight as it more signified her role within the Pantheons of Isekai than the verdant greens that Lycana had chosen. The darker colors of twilight also helped to hide the tunnels and caverns below that were reminiscent of Káto where the goddess had tasked the Silver Elves to hunt.   The Twilight Wilderness is one of the few Celestial Realms that does not transform visitors so they can experience the realm how the ruling deity had determined. Those that enter here are often granted their weapon of choice as well as a few provisions so that they may join the hunt with the goddess so that she may determine their place in her homeland.


Forever Twilight
The home of the Huntress never sees the blazing sun of noon nor the brilliant moon of midnight, forever kept in the cycle of twilight and the shadows it brings. Even so, it is said the hunting is a divine experience, curated to represent the hunt against the darkness that her children follow.
The Twilight Forest can be classified as a boreal forest with millions of flora and fauna that call the forest home. A subterranean biome that exists beneath the expanse of the forest. All manners of creatures and plants, including those from Káto, call some area of the Twilight Forest their home.   While much of this realm is modeled after the First Garden, the Huntress chose not to change parts of the forest to represent tropical and temperate forests. She chose to keep the forest similar to that of the Elven Forest, a place she enjoyed hunting when the gods were first creating their children.   Temperature and humidity, as well as other factors, are kept in close control so that all creatures thrive here. The goddess is less interested in the perfect completeness of the life cycle, instead looking for the perfect hunt. Flora and fauna are plentiful so all thrive, even the creatures of the darkness that tempt the vengeful and so those that travel here the true persona of the goddess.   That being said, the realm exists in a permanent state of twilight in summer, the warm air barely ruffled by small gusts that breeze through the grasses and leaves like soft melodies. While full of life, the forest is melancholy, a place between chosen for the possibility of reflection. Even the other gods travel here for a moment of peace, lost in the silence of twilight while amongst a million beating hearts.
Temple of the Twilight Forest
Temple of the Twilight Forest by Image via Midjourney, created by Riverfang
Known as the Temple of the Twilight Forest, this structure is one of many in the Twilight Wilderness that serves as home to the Huntress and her hunters. This temple also serves as the gateway between this realm and the Southern Library.   Decorated in the specialty lights of Káto and its people, this temple is befitting of the patron Goddess of the Hunt and Vengeance.
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Cover image: Celestial Realms Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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