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Noble Crypt Keepers

Devout of the Dark

Beneath the bustling city of Stronghold rests a labyrinth of catacombs that hold the nobles of ages past, held fast in the stone coffins heavily decorated with gems and precious metals, all in an attempt to take the departed’s wealth with them beyond the grave. That wealth does little once one has passed beyond the veil into death, but it does allow for one thing, and that is those that are the keepers of these crypts, serving as cleaners and protectors of these once-important people.   The Noble Crypt Keepers of the Human Empire are revered nearly as much as they are reviled. Taking the position is a vow of silence, unable to speak of those that rest in the catacombs and their treasures, but it is also a vow of training. These men and women that choose to enter the catacombs and serve as the keepers do not leave the darkness that permeates beneath the city streets. They dress as the visage of death, dark cloaks and hoods that hide their identities. The most important part of their duties has little to do with cleaning and their appearance but has everything to do with keeping the crypts free of the Undead.   Training is constant, in magic, and in various martial disciplines. These keepers are adept at hindering those that wish to steal from the dead and banishing the Undead that tend to rise in these dark places. In ways, these crypt keepers are as devout as any Cleric. They are revered for their devotion to their duties and the people that reside in the crypts, but their ways are nearly cultic, making them reviled for their dark and despondent way of life.



The purpose of the Noble Crypt Keepers is to maintain the crypts of the nobles of the Human Empire as well as to protect the crypts from various entities, including grave robbers and any Undead that may appear in the area.

Social Status

The crypt keepers are in a very odd position within the society of the Human Empire as they are revered for taking care of the resting places of those long past, but they are also reviled for similar reasons. The lengths that the keepers go to in order to protect the final resting places of so many are seen as cult-like due to the lifetime commitment, the intense training, and the somewhat odd behaviors that these people exhibit. The keepers are nearly in exile to successfully complete their duties and have odd habits due to this.
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Crypt Guardians
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There are very few qualifications to become one of the Noble Crypt Keepers, but the position is a lifetime commitment, requiring one to give up their life elsewhere to live within the crypts and study various topics, including those that are interred in the crypts of the Human Empire and their history, as well as to train so that they can defend against grave robbers and various Undead.


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Is it kind of weird that I like the idea of being a noble crypt keeper?   Do they also kind of keep the crypts safe from would-be graverobbers? I imagine that the allure of the gold and gems is very tempting.   Really fascinating article. :D

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