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The Temple Lord of Ayeshastra

When Ayeshastra was formed, it was decided that there would need to be a temple lord, someone who was highly capable light magician and teacher who was also able to handle the authority invested in them to act on Ayeshastra's grand behalf. The most important decision being that they have final say on the distribution of Ismat Oil throughout the empire. Although the temple lord is to act without bias, such a thing is nigh impossible with so many parties clamoring for Ismat Oil. Although there is a series of councils that do most of the finer details, ultimately the final decision comes down to the temple lord to decide if exceptions to the norm need to be made. Over the generations, different temple lords at different times have decided to increase or decrease the amount of oil a nation gets- more if they are suffering setbacks due to a natural disaster, a drought or to warring with outside parties, less if the nation has been doing particularly well at the expense of another. This political position must be managed alongside maintaining their skills as a light magician, which means practicing often, and teaching, as they are also the headmaster of all the students studying light magic at the temple. To help the Temple Lord maintain their balance of responsibilities, all their life needs are taken care of by a team of highly skilled temple volunteers who live to provide for the Temple Lord of Ayeshastra.  

Ismat Oil Usage

The Temple Lord can be a highly capable magician who came up in any of the disciplines of the ismat nations. Their use of the oil thus can vary greatly between Temple Lord's of different times. It is easier to speak to the intention of Temple Lord's ismat oil usage, which is whenever they see fit to defend and preserve the Ismat Empire. As headmaster, it is used to teach demonstrate. It is also used to augment spells against threats, and in ways that curry favor with the ismat nations, such as to aid a performance for a royal marriage ceremony.


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