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A Master in their Field


A Magus is a master of their tome, having dedicated tens of thousands of hours to study and practice. These great mages are sought after by civilians of all kingdoms to help with failing crops, heal livestock and people, and help teach about new technologies or simple healing mixtures that can be used by any one.

Only a magus may take on students and while many mages do take on apprentices and students immediately after attaining the title of magus, there are those who wait. There's always more to learn and even a master in their field will sometimes be hesitant to take on a student.


Magus and Student


In order to join The Coven a person must be chosen by a Magus. Students are given their tomes by a Magus and marked by them to help other mages recognize them. Generally a Free Magus will ensure their student's mark is undetectable by Court Mages to avoid a Court Magus attempting to steal a student, and vice versa.

Students stay with their Magus until it is determined that they have enough understanding of the basic mechanics of magic and are able to study and learn indipendantly. Turned out into the world a fresh Mage is considerably underpowered and unable to do much more than mix simple healing potions, or set up basic single rune spells. After a few years a Magus may circle back to check on their student's progress but generally they avoid meddling in the learning process.

Milestones in their tome will indicate to a Mage their general level from journeyman to Magus. Spells and ancient magic that bind the Mage to their knowledge prevent them from claiming a higher level of proficiency than they have attained. However, a Mage may claim less knowledge than they have at any time.

I didn't know how lucky I was for my Magus to keep me with him until I was part way through my journeyman studies until I met a poor student who was abandonned as an appretentice. We studied together until she was confident enough to get to journeyman, but I can't imagine how tough it must be for some young mages these days.
— A Wandering Magus
Mages these days have less and less direction. Maguses seem to overlook the responsibilities of being a teacher when they take on students. But it's our own fault, we didn't do much to teach them how to be teachers...perhaps I'll change that with my next student.
— An old magus, reflecting on their teaching methods
I'm so sorry, I can't help with your crops. I'm still a journeyman, you want a magus. Mine just left me but I might be able to set up a simple communication rune circle to contact him.
— Journeyman mage, just doing their best.


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