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When traditionally used, the requirement was to be one of eleven generals in the Udynean army. Once the empire was formed, and after a lengthy battle among the generals following the death of the last Mhanek, the title became a solely inheritable one with the only requirement to be the eldest surviving male of the previous Mhanek.


Like many successions within the Known World, the Udynea Empire's is straightforward in following the most direct male line from one Mhanek to the other with much emphasis placed on bloodlines. Failing the survival of son, grandsons, nephews and even distant cousins can find themselves thrust into rule if the current Mhanek isn't careful. Of course, this is all providing that the crown isn't under attack via hostile forces.


Whilst the title holds the highest authority and comes with a great deal of power and might. He has a series of spies, councillors and scholars who are handpicked individuals entrusted with carrying out the Mhanek's will as well as keeping him informed about the various developments within the Empire. Each day starts with a series of reports, updates and recommendations on various matters. These are often read out whilst the Mhanek eats. When the heir is considered old enough, they also sit in on these reports, and may have some of these duties delegated to them as a means to impress upon the heir precisely how far-reaching his judgments and rulings will become once he takes the throne.   Whilst all this gives the Mhanek a thorough understanding of Udynea's current state, be it political, economic or societal, it doesn't always give him the ability to act on such news. The Mhanek's role in making decisions and shaping the empire is crucial, yet his absolute authority is tempered by the Senate and the Crystal Court. Whilst the Mhanek does have the power to overthrow both, Failure to keep either side happy has resulted in a number of coups ending with the Mhanek's beheadal. This makes getting certain laws changed a tricky business as it must go through a network of Senators who might not all have ties to the nobility, but often have their own interests at heart instead of the people's.   Even so, the Mhanek's duty to his people and, whilst the Senate can block any law they think will cause Udynea to fall into chaos, the Mhanek has the authority to establish laws, regulations and issue decrees that shape the course of the Udynea Empire. Compromising with the Senate can mean the laws don't always reflect the Mhanek's true vision, but through the careful balance of both Mhanek guidance and Senate temperance is what has maintained the welfare of Udynea and the long-term stability and prosperity of the empire for centuries.


Besides the benefits given to all those in command of an empire, the Mhanek is the sole commander of Udynea's Nulled Ones. Officially serving as his bodyguards, he is never without at least five stationed nearby, if not at his side. Unofficially, they can also be found throughout the empire as spies or assassins.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Mhanek needs but one symbol: his crown. It adorns his banner, his carriage and his royal signet ring. Anyone found to have attempted forgery is immediately put to death.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The title of Mhanek is for life and will only pass on to the next in line if the current holder is dead, whether this is through natural means or helped along is irrelevant. Once the current holder dies, the title immediately goes to their heir. A more formal crowning ceremony takes place precisely one month after the death of the previous holder, allowing the heir time to mourn.
Royalty, Hereditary
Form of Address
Mhanek or Imperial Majesty
Equates to
In its direct translation, the title of Mhanek means 'Great One'. Once more of a title akin to Army Overlord, it is now the equivalent to being called an Emperor. Moreover, each title below that references the closest standing a person has to the Mhanek. Titles such as vris Mhanek and vlos Mhanek are reserved for the eldest son and daughter respectively and, whilst as they translate merely to 'son/daughter of the great one', it is more correct to call them Crown Prince or First Princess. There is also the title of vrissin/vlossina for younger princes/princesses.
Source of Authority
Crystal Court & Imperial Senate
Length of Term
Current Holders
Past Holders
Related Organizations


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