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Zhek (See-k)

This title is only granted to the leaders of the three most important Minos organizations, also designed as "schools".   The obvious translation, from Minos to common, is "leader" but a better translation is "the one" or "the first.   The three major schools in the actual political scenario, in order of power, are:   And the corresponding leaders are:   


Each school has their own set of requirements but, as the Minos tradition, each apprentice has a master and the master is the one that, as first step, graduate the apprentice with a "organization name" then he/she is the one that propose the graduated person as a potential Zhek.


The masters propose their former apprentices then the current Zhek, in each school, is the  one that selects the new one from all the candidates.

Cultural Significance

The three Zheks are know for all the cultures as "The Triad" an are, currently, the three most powerful beings in Daimon.

Emuki Teskos, leader of the Minso army, the Dwarven king (only the Dwarves know it) and maybe the human Queen in the east, Elaine Drakehearth are the next in power.
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