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Zhek Hattori

Zhek Hattori

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He mantains a good condition but has a weak body in comparsion with almost any other minotaur
As a society the minos dispite weakness they are for strenght above all

Body Features

He has both horns cutted of up to the middel of the original size; this would be considered an offense to any minotaur a sign of sumbmission even; but for Hattori only makes him more feared
The reason was he born with the left horn crooked from the middle to the end

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Haottori alwas was the "short one" among minotaurs not even reaching the 2m height, that and the clear malformation in his left horn make it target of other child minotaurs that try to earn theri place in the minos society
Maybe thats the reason for his demeanor or maybe is something twisted or even evil; he take matters pesonal and don't stop until the ones make fun of him are at his feet totally surrended and even in that state he make the final blow; he is feared even among his peers


He start to work in the The loyal school of bankers and tax collectors since a young one
Demostrate a cunning for finance and bussines that no other and his unique way to do the bussiness gave him the means to bacame the leader of the school.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He has two major accomplishments within the school of banking: The first one, about 10 years after he start to work here, he attend his first meating with the leaders of other branches, some of other races, he was somehow marked by one of the most important ones a minotaur, now forgotten, because his appearance and because he was the new; in that meetting he was really savaga beacuse he presents a new perspective for the bussiness with a central autority, a Zhek like other houses, with a group of three loyal advisors and no other leader, the proposition inlcude only minotaurs in the school no matter the region or city the branch was. This next days the leader that make fun of him dissappeared and the school start the reform he "suggest" laying of the non minotaurs from the organization
 No one understood how he has such power or conections as a "new one"  The second one, was a very important deal with the dwarves to make a new kind of currency, plaques of golden, platinum and other materials with high value, for some special trades or bussiness that demand a lot of coins.

Morality & Philosophy

He really thinks the minotaurs are a superior race but he saw them as rivals and have some hate cause the way he was treated as young
Is weird to know that has a lot of respect for the dwarves and see them with better eyes than his own race

Personality Characteristics


All his life is driven by vengace and a need to demostrate he is superior.
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Current Residence
Black but with golden locks
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Known Languages
Some human few knows cause dislike to talk in that languague but always want to understad all


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