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Sage of the 1st Order

Sages of the 1st Order are among the most prolific of scholars and researchers. They are the envy of academics, the world over. Those that attain this honor are widely sought after by other scholars, administrators, and rulers.


In order to be raised to this illustrious rank, the aspirant must be either fomally recognized by an existing Sage of the 1st Order, or must be an existing Sage of the 2nd or 3rd Order and appointed by the Council of Sages during a special session vote.


A scholar must make regular contributions to their chosen field or fields of study for several years, or have presented research that fundamentally reshaped our understanding of the world.


Appointment is done by one of two routes:
The Council of Sages may elect a prominent scholar to this role, which requires a Special Session vote. Upon confirmation, the candidate must then wait for a year, during which time they may fail to uphold the standards expected. If the candidate successfully completes the year-long waiting period, then they are formally recognized during a special celebratory ceremony.

Alternatively, an existing Sage of the 1st Order may formally recognize a candidate, though the Council may rebuke the nomination if they find sufficient evidence that speaks of the candidates ineligibility.


As pre-eminent authorities, Sages of the 1st Order are in wide demand by everyone from rulers to administrators. They must often travel to give lectures or to advise on important subjects. In addition, as the foremost leaders of their area of study, they must select students or apprentices to receive dedicated training. These students are often sent as a proxy for the Sage, acting in their stead for various political and administrative functions.


A Sage of the 1st Order is awarded an annual research stipend, though larger than those received by those of the 2nd or 3rd Orders.   In addition, they are awarded the option to invite the most promising of students for dedicated education and to assist in further study.   A Sage of the 1st Order may also select an individual to be their proxy for political and ceremonial functions. The proxy speaks and acts with the full authority of their patron Sage.
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