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Hello! I'm one of the Developers for World Anvil, and I like to build shiny things for everyone to use! I have a lot of "test" worlds and articles, but sadly I don't have much time (or creativity) to really worldbuild. I'm almost always on line, so feel free to contact me in Discord if you need anything!


World Anvil Projects

Plato: Simple WYSIWYG Editor for article creation

Family Trees: Automatic Bloodline and Family Tree widget

Advanced Org Charts: Custom hierarchal trees of any content you wish

Article ToC: Simple automatic Table of Contents generator for articles

Diplomacy Webs: Automatic Organization relations widget

Interactive Tables: Powerful, customizable tables that can be used for random rolls and more

Chronicles: A powerful advanced feature to display events in your world in both Time and Space

Latest Loved work


Brossal Sprouts

Location pentagrams