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"Without any Gears the Clockwork will stall. The Hands have been pleased with your performance. We look forward to your time as a Gear."   ~ The Face


The Gears main responsibility to the Clockwork is to ensure the commands of the Hands and the Face are maintained by the other members of the guild. They are also responsible to review the ledgers to ensure the Chains are only accepting profitable jobs with regards to the risk, resource, and manpower investments. When a member under their command goes against the rules of the Clockwork, or their superiors, the Gears are the ones that decide the punishment if needed. Occasionally the Gears will be in charge of negotiations of jobs if the client is a powerful individual politically, socially, or economically.   Every quarter the Gears will report their profits, losses, new members, lost members, and recommendations to maintain their Clock or to dismantle to the Hands. The Gears receive their new set of orders, guidance, and other details relevant to the maintenance of their Clocks. Gears that are ordered to dismantle their Clocks are given directions on where their usable parts are to be distibuted to and their broken parts to be tossed.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

When a Gear under preform in their duties, their subordinates under preform, the Clock is exposed, or other negative events the Gear is summoned to the Chamber of Time. There they face judgement from the Hands and ultimately the Face. If the Gear is dismissed they have their memories of the Clockwork wiped and are released. There are a few, unverified, cases that the dismissal of a Gear did not result in the individual from losing their memories. The reasoning for the exception is unclear, but the main rumor from the Screws and Springs is that Gears put in charge of already broken Clocks can't be punished.
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Source of Authority
The Hands and The Face


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