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The title of the Dermizió can be boiled down to the words The One Who Watches. It is the title of a supervisor which holds certain power over an establishment, a settlement, a household or entire families. It aligns with the title of the Arith, but the Arith is higher and status in power. At least in theory. An Arith can have many Dermizió, but a Dermizió can only have one Arith.
It doesn't matter if the title is given out to a man, a woman, a god or a non-binary being. All wearers of the badge are being treated with utmost respect. And if not, there is a whip waiting.


The history of the title is as short as its name. The Vancant ("king" of Pisocenia) needed reliable people who can rule and control different things, be it a settlement or some operations, so he wanted to have a supervisor underneath the designated leader. The leader had the right to assign at least one to an indefinite amount of Dermizió which the leader of the settlement/organisation could control, get reports to it and assign orders.
It is not necessary to assign a Dermizió, but it could be helpful when your settlement, organisation, task, whatever is too big or is growing too big for one person to handle.

Tasks & Responsibilities

The tasks of the Dermizió are as manifold as it gives sand in the desert. It really depends what the Vacant or other leaders of settlements or projects need. Be it a counselor, be it some person who counts the people on the streets, gold or shells on the shore or cleaning out the canals. Or at least observe it.
Your tasks outside of your assignment are reports to the council or the Vacant, if not to your Arith. Sometimes it would be wise to do both.
You can refuse to do a specific task, but if you do it too often, then the Vacant or your Arith has the right to renounce your title as the Dermizió.
Even the responsibilities you have can be cast aside. A thing you shouldn't do, because every thing you do - same as the Arith - sheds a light on the Arith and the Vacant and you do not want to anger one or both.


If you don't wear your badge, you don't speak as the Dermizió. But if you wear your badge, you speak with the might of an Arith. Or the Vacant, if you got an assignment from the Vacant.
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