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Arch Druid

I look at the Amulet, the weight of my responsibilities fully resting on my shoulders. This was something I knew would be my responsibility one day, something I strove for and now, I've made it. I'm now Arch Druid.   I smile. While I wish I hadn't been made Arch Druid in such dark times, I am proud of my accomplishment. This is what I was meant to do. I know I can do this. Soon, things will be better. Soon, we'll be stronger, and I'll be there, at my queen's side, to help ensure we get to that point where we aren't weak. I'm can help my people, to the fullest extent of my powers.


Must have druidic magic and have completed the training. Mastery of their powers is paramount.


Must have reached adulthood and be from the Fileg. The Fileg are known for their druids, and they also act as a speaker to the Fileg when the king or queen is busy with other matters.


Chosen by the current king or queen to act as an advisor on magical things, usually involving the world around them. There is a ceremony that generally demarks the beginning of the new Arch Druids time, but it is a formality that can technically be done at any time.


Ensuing the lands of the kingdom are in good condition, that no malevolent forces are causing harm to the lands and that a general balance is being maintained. They act as advisors to the king and queen and are a keeper of the Angol Amulet. They also have the strongest connection to Ennor, the goddess of the lands and forests.


To the day-to-day things, they help the king and queen as advisors.


Holds a fair amount of power over the other Druids in the kingdom and definitely has the best pay.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Angol Amulet


In the third age, when the Elrim kingdom was founded, the first queen, Gilglyss, brought the Arch Druid on as an advisor, which the position more power.
The Arch Druids have a powerful connection to nature that is enhanced by the Angol Amulet. They do tend to spend a lot of time out in the wilds, keeping an eye on things, especially within the Ember Woods, which holds special significance to the Elrim.
Magical, Professional
Form of Address
Arch Druid
Length of Term
Life (generally but not always)
Reports directly to


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