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Carachdanna: The Sky-Cliff Capital

Carachdanna is the pride of the Eledhrim. As our beautiful, vast capital city, we welcome all guests there. Few non-Eledhrim get the chance to venture far from it's walls, as such we ensure it's beauty is kept up.   The wide-sweeping streets are kept clear of snow in the winter so that trade, business and civilians can make their ways to their destinations. They have to be wide, so that all can pass along without issue and our bridges are sturdy and elegant.   All buildings are large enough so that some Drakie can enter, even the Royal Library. It isn't uncommon for young mages to spend afternoons inside with their familiars and Riders will come in with the eggs or young Drakie they have found themselves responsible for, doing research so that they make sure they are caring for them properly. Larger Drakie allow their Riders to nestle against their heads while reading. Visitors are warned of this, assuming they're not accustomed to Drakie though most are. Dwarves are the ones who are the most surprised to find Drakie in the halls.   While are summers are not long, they are wonderful and warm. The weather is perfect for young Mages who have just earned wings, Dragons with inexperienced Riders and Windsurfing rookies to learn the ropes. In winter, with more violent winds, experienced Windsurfers compete to the north of the city, launching themselves off the wall and surfing the wind.   Our capital is wondrous, a symbol of our growth and power. We are the Eledhrim Dragon Riders and we will rise high. We do not fall.


A large standing garrison, strong walls, multiple Corps of Dragon Riders and of course the three main gates are made of Dragon Steel and can be closed in a moments notice. There are also the Skyspires, where powerful Cyclomancers and Cryomancers gather, calling up vicious storms and Telakentics pulling up powerful shields to guard the city.

Industry & Trade

As the capital, almost everything ends up there. Farmlands are set about a day's ride south of the city, bringing in nearly everything the inhabitants need. Hunters go out and supply the city with meat, while weavers make cloth and tailors and seamstresses make and sell clothes. Blacksmiths take raw metals and craft weapons while jewelers handle the fine elements.


The city was built on a cliff-side, a welcome home for both the Lhûg Eledhrim and their allies, the Drakie-kin. Their combined love of the sky and wind helped chose their location. The city itself has large roads so that the Drakes can walk comfortably though, side by side with the Eledhrim. Central to the city is the Senate Hall, where all important decisions are publicly announced. A sewer system keeps waste from the streets, bridges cross the Starfire River and while three walls are high to protect against wildlife and enemies, the northern wall is low, only hitting chest high, a great starting ground to admire the countryside at the base of the cliff and for both Riders and Windsurfers to jump from.

Guilds and Factions

Almost every guild and faction that can be found throughout the kingdom has some kind of meeting place within the city walls. The question is, where are they? The spies and assassins keeps to themselves, being brought to their meeting hall is by invitation only and even then one will be blindfolded if not rendered unconscious entirely before being brought there. And while you can easily find the Artificers, have good luck getting one to talk. They can be utterly absorbed by their work.


The city itself is graceful, beautiful and easily the largest city in the known world. It's buildings are made of white stone, flecked with colors spanning the spectrum. Veins of gold and silver flow throughout it's architecture and found around the walls and up the Skyspires are glyphs to aid the BattleMages with protecting the city. The structures themselves are massive, large enough for some Drakie-kin to enter and for most to lie down on top of.

Natural Resources

The Ember Forest is directly to the west of the city. The deep forest offers plenty of hunting opportunities and wood for fires. The special Ember Wood burns for days, allowing fires to continuously keep homes warm and forges going.
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