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"My head feels heavy." Eris complains, fidgeting with her circlet. "Do I have to wear this?"   "Yes. This is an important occasion. You have to look the part of a princess." Her mother adjusts her gown then turns to the young girl. "I know, wearing it feels like a burden but you are my heir. Being queen is a difficult burden to bear though I know you will do it well, when your time comes."   "Not for a long time!" Iro smiles and hugs her daughter.   "Exactly. Not for a long time." A soft knock catches their attention. Both look over and see Princess Beithir standing in a lightning purple gown, circlet resting lightly on her brow.   "Why does hers' seem so much lighter?!" Eris asks loudly. Beithir laughs and walks to her, taking her circlet off.   "Why don't you see what it weighs?" Eris takes the circlet from her.   "Oh! It's heavy!" Beithir takes it from her.   "You get used to the weight." She says, putting it back on. "Unless you ask Raunien or your father. Then it's always heavy."   "Nikolai always complains. As if his helmet's any lighter." Beithir scoops Eris up into her arms, smiling at the young girl.   "Your circlet is crooked." She tells her, fixing it. "There, all ready."


There is extensive study and training that the future king and queen must accomplish. While it is not always possible to complete said study before they are crowned, they are expected to get though it so that they are ready for the job they have to handle.


The preference for both Illary and Gîlmunrîel is that their king or queen be of the age of adulthood when they take the throne but of course that's not always the case. One such notable exception is Queen Eris, who took the throne of Illary at the age of thirteen after the assassination of both her parents.


There is a special ceremony, though between Illary and Gîlmunrîel, there are quite a few notable differences. Amongst the Eledhrim of Gîlmunrîel, the four regional lords and ladies must be in attendance and the ceremony is officiated by the High Priest or Priestess. Coronations are rare for the Eledhrim, only happening once every couple thousand years.   With Illary, it does happen more often, though there are times where one can be born and die without seeing a change in the crown. Riders are common amongst the Royal Family, lending them to have longer lives. Those who don't Bond to a Drakie can live up to two hundred years due to the Drakie magic in their blood. The regional lords and ladies also come to witness the coronation, as does a fair number of the senate. Their High Priest or Priestess officiates the ceremony.


Helping with disputes, speaking before the senate, ruling judgement on crimes, ensuring proper trade levels, taxation amounts both internal and external.

Accoutrements & Equipment

There are jewels and crowns that the royals wear but they are all customized to the current king or queen. The reason is simple, when haft your royals are or have been Caster's, having items that enhance their magic is of the upmost importance. They also, in part, represent the current royal's personality.

Notable Holders

Gilglyss Hacende, Ophelia Airborne, Iro Airborne, Rissien Hacende, Veryan Hacende, Dolen Hacende
Nobility, Hereditary
Yes, and it still carries the same power as it did when it was first established.
Form of Address
Your Majesity, My Lord/Lady
Equates to
Emperor/Empress, Pharaoh, Khan?
Length of Term
Related Organizations
Related Professions


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