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To be an archivist takes a level of dedication and the ability to accept that some people will never value your work. This is something I have accepted. It took a little time, especially as some of my fellow Lochir found it humorous that I would consider a book worth risking my life to protect. Those books had invaluable information that called for the protection of a knight.   At least Royal family understands. Especially the young princess. If it wasn't for her need to master her numerous powers, I'd train her as an archivist. A historian like that would make a great advisor to her brother, our future king. While leaders around the world take part in 'archival work' most do it for idle pleaure or to better their names. So few actually wish to preserve the history. I am blessed that my princess is one of the few.   I was fortunate, to be honest. Though it is well known that my family often become knights, honing our leadership and battle skills before coming home to rule our territory as lord or lady, what is slightly lesser known is our love of history and protecting it. It is why our home fortress has the greatest library and archives our people possess.   Even though I am the Lord of Alagos Esgar, caring for my territory being my most important job, I also make sure to tend to the archives I've dedicate much of my life too. It was by my king's prompting that I step down from the Lochir to care for the archives, classifying my position as the Royal Archivist and making it my principal job before my father's untimely death. While I sit as Lord, I can still be mostly found in the archives in my free time, continuing my job of ensuring our records and records from across the world that I've gathered copies of, are preserved for the future. So much has been learned though them, enough that we're at least prepared for the next time the Courscaren Empire attacks and perhaps answers can be found as to why the Elgath Order so desperately wants my Royal family dead. If not, then we can at least begin to understand their motives and the motives of the Terrors.  
  • Lord Sadron Isthír; Lochir, Blademaster, Royal Archivist
  • Career


    To be an archivist takes years of training. There are a lot of things one must learn. History, preservation, gathering and compiling information, it takes a lot of dedication to reach the position. Most start their path in their youth with a deep love of history, being taken on by a professional as an aid in their late teens.

    Career Progression

    All start as aids to other archivists. Most are teens when they begin their training. Not everyone can become an archivist, reaching the rank of senior aid is the best most can hope for. The highest-ranking archivists, those for kings and nobles, often prove their worth by compiling a great set of documents and presenting them with a paper detailing and discussing their importance.

    Payment & Reimbursement

    Depends on the rank and who they're working for. The lower ranking aids don't receive much but full archivists are compensated much better.



    To gather, store and protect historical documents and artifacts.

    Social Status

    Decent. Most agree that the past needs to be protected.


    Dangers & Hazards

    There are those who would steal artifacts and documents, so most archivists have a security system in place or are trained in some level of combat or both. This can lead to the archivist being injured or killed if they've uncovered something someone else wants to keep hidden.


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