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The massive, strong capital city of the Coruscaren Empire. From the merchants and tradesmen in the main city to the science labs carefully hidden underground and very secure, there's a lot going on in the city. With its high, strong walls and excellent defenses. It would be mad to attack; we are the most advanced civilization in the world, no one can stop us. We are the mightly Coruscaren Empire and this is our inprentrable capital.


In the center of the city is the Imperial Palace. It is nothing short of beautiful. The Imperial family, the Coruscare's, dwell there. Advisers, political leaders from across the country and 'guests' have rooms there.   As one leaves the Palace, things change. The main marketplace is near the Palace but not right on top of it. Merchants live near the market. The outermost wall is well guarded but the poorest population also lives near the outer wall.


The Imperial family has a very tight hold over the empire and city as a result. While they keep their citizens happy, there are very strict, almost brutal. The army has a strong roll in keeping the peace, and law, that the Imperial family lies down. It helps that the Imperial family is directly responsible for paying the army so they listen.


As the empire is the most technologically advanced civilization, the capital has the best defenses. Cannons, anti-'monster' weapons, guns, towers and high, thick walls. Strong, solid metal gates.

Industry & Trade

As the city sits in the middle of a massive desert, all resources have to be imported, except water. It sits just over an underground, water basin. That basin is fed by runoff from the mountains hundreds of miles north. As a result, a lot of merchants come into the city with wares and goods that can be sold and made into other things then sold again.


It's on a circular grid.


There is the artisans district, where cloth goods and housewares are made. Glass is crafted in the western part of the city and the bakers and eateries are near the city center.   The gladiators are found housed just south the city but close enough to still have a good water source. The coliseum is located there as well.


The biggest event in the city's history was the Coruscare Coup, which took place on August 15th, 2459. It was also the day that the empire was officially founded and the Coruscare family took the throne.


A massive number of people will come into the city to see the gladiatorial matches take place. The popular gladiators bring in the largest crowds. Even the 'opponents' have followings; a large number of them being non-Coruscaren's and even non-humans entirely.


Stone buildings with a lot of windows to allow airflow and keep the buildings cool. The wealthier households have water brought directly to their homes, which, when run just under the floors in piping, cools the ground. Onion-like domes on the towers. Stone that reflects the light, an attempt to keep the city cool.


Surrounded on all sides by the largest desert in the known world. There is almost no life to be seen outside its walls, making it a haven for citizens and a prison for enemies.

Natural Resources

The one resource that Sol has is that it is set over an underground reservoir of water. Brilliantly designed aqueducts and faucet systems bring the water safely and cleanly to the citizens.
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May 13th, 576
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