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High Caster


Great skill with the magic one possess, usually the individual will also be a powerful caster, high B or A class.


Expert in the magic one is born with. Usually a couple decades old if of Men or a couple centuries if Fae or Eledrhim.


They are usually the most sough after instructors in magic. Students will be taken on by them, special cases earning the majority of their attention. They also help set rules for magic and try those who violate the rules. Some take the duty of hunting the more dangerous magical criminals.


Some guard certain powerful magical artifacts or locations. Others run schools for casters.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The High Casters mark; a pendent that one wears. Most wear it around the neck, though it can be fastened at the waist, around the wrist or wherever the Caster decides. Engraved on the pendent is a Shimmerwing Moth, a creature of pure magic, it representing the Casters dedication to reaching a mastery of their powers and it's colors representing the type of magic they use.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Usually some heinous crime, such as murder or making a deal with a Fiend though those in charge of schools can also be removed for embezzlement of school funds and other unethical decisions. They will be brought before a council of their equals, tried and punished.


The Atreain Consul has existed for several hundreds of thousands of years. Their schools have persisted and the High Casters regularly spoke with one another. Yet it is only in the last ten to twenty thousand years that they have gained true power in the world as international trade, commerce and conflict truly grew in power.

Cultural Significance

The Atreain Council is one of the organizations recognized worldwide that accepts members from anywhere. Illary, Gîlmunrîel, Dvergon, Yorutoshi and Eiresie are among the countries that recognize them. The Certían Assembly also recognize them though they do not participate, send their casters to their schools nor follows their rules. Still, they do agree with them on certain matters. Corscare, as a country without magic, opposes and fears them.

Notable Holders

Beithir Hacende, a member of the Eledhrim Royal family. Her powers manifested at a young age and she has more than proven herself in all the ways that make a High Caster honorable and worthy of respect.
Magical, Professional
Still in use
Form of Address
High Caster
Equates to
Lord/Lady, Senator (in some situations)
Source of Authority
The Atreain Council
Related Professions


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