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Temple of Díneniel Stalcairwen

Purpose / Function

Díneniel Stalcairwen, the Eledhrim's Goddess of the Moon and Shadows. On the outside, this temple is just a place of worship but within, its the home of the worlds most dangerous assassin's guild, for she is also the Goddess of Spies, Thieves and Assassins.  Safely kept within it's halls and under protection of the Royal family, this temple protects their guildhall.


There is the main entrance and a couple side entrances and exits. Some of those exits are unaccessable unless you've gone though the temple as they lead to private gardens. All of them are reinforced in case the city is assaulted, to protect the temple's priests and priestesses who are unskilled in combat.

Sensory & Appearance

The lightning is very dim as the Lhingril Eledhrim do not like the light. The only reason there is any light at all is for their brothers and sisters from the other four tribes who are not adapted to see in the dark can find their ways.

Contents & Furnishings

The main hall has an alter and chairs scattered about, so that worshipers can feel most comfortable conducting their worship. In the rooms off from the main hall of worship there are tables, chairs, bookshelves, things where the worshipers, those who's services can be hired and those in need of service can meet in safety.


No one is exactly sure what treasures are hidden in their vaults. Something truly special occasionally crops up that they alert the Royal family of but other than that, they don't reveal their wealth, just paying their dues when they come do.

Hazards & Traps

As a temple for the Goddess of Thieves, yes, there are a lot of traps that exist to protect the thieves, spies and assassins as well as the temples treasures. Most are spider-like webbing. Some suspend the person in the air, others cut them into pieces.

Special Properties

The temple is designed to keep the inhabitants and guests comfortable so its heated in the winter and cooled, when necessary, during the summers which tend to be mild.


The building is made of dark stone, carvings and statues of the Goddess and her sacred animals can be found throughout. Hidden rooms where those who act as spies and the like make their homes, safe from public view.


For the most part, those who come here are the devoted of Díneniel Stalcairwen, to worship and give thanks. In all reality, most are not thieves, spies or assassins but they all protect them.
Alternative Names
Díneniel Stalcairwen's Assassin's Hall
Temple / Religious complex
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