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Grand Constable of the Majaran Empire (Ma-har-ran)

This rank is awarded by the Empress of the Majaran Empire. The intent of creating this position was the create a long-term, loyal and skilled leader for the Empire's growing military forces. While the Empress has shown herself to be a highly effective military leader, she increasingly felt she need a trusted subordinate to manage the military on a day to day basis. Once she created this office, she immediately awarded it to her daughter Princess Atheneis Shandie Majara.   The constable selects a suitable staff of military officers to support the exercise of command over Imperial forces in the field and the administration of military forces. The Grand Constable also selects a force of a dozen personal guards to maintain her/his personal security. The Grand Constable has created the House of War (Ministry of War) to serve as a central headquarters of the activities of the Imperial Military. Under the Constable's guidance, the officials of the house of war organize military units, supervise the construction of fortifications and other military facilities, purchase supplies/equipment for the military, establish training regimes for the military and carry out many other administrative tasks.


Command experience, combat experience, knowledge of the Imperial military, the ability to work closely with all groups constituting the Empire's military and magical resources.


Must be an experienced military commander with battlefield experience.


Receives commission from the Empress.


To command, inspect and organize imperial military forces.


Exercise command authority over any Imperial military unit, officer, soldier or sailor.  Plans and organizes military forces and equipment.  Submits recommendations for appointment and promotion to the Empress.  Inspects military units and garrisons.


Pay at the level of a marshal, provision of a personal guard, provision of a personal staff, and offices at the House of War.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

At the discretion of the Empress.
Nobility, Military
Form of Address
Grand Constable
Alternative Naming
The Constable of the Empire
Equates to
Army Commander
Source of Authority
Empress of the Majaran Empire
Length of Term
Unlimited, by appointment
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