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Éshirubezu (/ɛʃiɹubeˈzu/)

"I'm sorry, my liege, but in this matter I am merely the messenger. Although I sit First of the Eight and voted in your favor, the other Councillors have decided that you should no longer have a sanctioned wizard in your court"   King Rowan stared at the powerful mage who stood before him. The fact that the ultimate leader of the Wizarding Guild was here as a mere "messenger" spoke volumes.
  The Éshirubezu, or First of Many is the leader of The Wizarding Guild. While they hold great power and must, obviously be powerful, they are elected from the Council of Eight that acts as the governing body of the Shépöruthoď. As such, they are considered the first among equals on the Council, and the First among Many of the Guild itself.   Note that each unit of the Wizarding Guild, from the small local branch to the world-wide organization, has it's own Éshirubezu. Unless it is vital, the distinction between the different levels is typically not communicated. This is, in part, to help keep outsiders confused as to the structure of the Guild.


To be elected as the First of Many, a magic user must first be elected to the Council of Eight.


The Éshirubezu is elected by the Council of Eight as their leader after a new class of councillors have been seated.


  • Lead the Council of Eight:
  • Call and lead meetings.
  • Delegate actions ordered by the Eight.
  • Act as the voice and face of the Council.
  • Act as the leader and face of the Wizarding Guild itself.
  • Act as primary liason to other groups, including governments.
  • Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

    If the Éshirubezu acts against the intrests of the Council of Eight or the Wizarding Guild as a whole, the Council can hold a vote of no confidence. This requires the presence of all sitting members, including the First. The vote is by secret ballot with votes counted by one of the Eight nominated and voted for by a majority of the seven councillors holding the vote. The Éshirubezu is removed if five of the seven vote for removal.   When the Éshirubezu is removed from their position, they are also removed from the Council of Eight, requiring an immediate election to replace their seat on the council.
    Magical, Honorific
    Alternative Naming
    First of Many, First, Primary
    Source of Authority
    Council of Eight
    Length of Term
    Three year term, unlimited terms
    Related Organizations

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